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A Happy EVP New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 31, 2004

White Noise Movie Review by Chris

Well, I just got the first review of the new Michael Keaton movie White Noise from a visitor named Chris after seeing a sneak preview and it doesn't look good.

A TV commercial for White Noise is what got me interested in EVP in the first place and I doubt I'm alone just from the amount of you searching for "Ruth Baxter" in the last few days. I'm sure many of you are here now because of the same spark of interest when you saw the commercial for the first time. I'm sorry to report, it seems the trailer may be better than the movie.

Chris' review did not surprise me. I fully expect White Noise to be a "boogy man" type movie, after all it's Hollywood making movies for the modern audience and recording scary voices will only go so far. In their defense, it is a film and you do need some visual action to scare people. We have become so accustomed to things jumping out at us, that it's almost required in any thriller now days. Perhaps sad, but very true. This is no documentary after all.

Would you sit for two hours watching a guy talk to himself and then listen to hours of recordings over and over again in the hopes of capturing a voice? No, just like we won't watch cops sitting in a car eating donuts and coffee on stakeout. We want ACTION for our overpriced movie ticket!

The reality of EVP research seems actually a lot like that of real life police work: 99% BORING and 1% HOLY CRAP! I expect little in the way of actual facts and science. But the White Noise producers have been working closely with the AA-EVP, a recognized authority on the subject, so there is hope that it will be somewhat accurate in it's presentation of this as a seriously studied phenomenon.

However, Chris reports the movie is not quite what he expected, even as a skeptic. Here is what he had to say:

"Although I enjoyed your site, I disagree with your views on EVP. After viewing the movie White Noise in a sneak preview, I was ready to walk out.

It started out being a movie on EVP and ended up being a movie about unearthly beings that didn't even seem/look/act like ghosts. I was very discouraged and disappointed and I think anyone that sees this movie should realize it's not all about EVP or anything close. Basically Michael Keaton goes nuts using the ITC thing (which I don't buy anyway) and a "Poltergeist ~ "they're heeerreeee" TV look into the TV thing.

Very, VERY disappointing. I thought it would be a good movie on EVP like "The Others" was to ghosts."

Well, there you have it. Don't forget you heard it here first! The first review of the White Noise Movie: thumbs wayyy down.

Thanks for the feedback Chris!

See my Review of White Noise
or read what a real life ghost hunter had to say.

After Death Communication Star's EVP

After death communication comes in many other forms than just EVP. Some see faces on their TV, others see apparitions and yet a few more actually get written messages from the dead. But how does one report such an experience without sounding crazy? Wouldn't it be nice if we could see all the experiences people have had on one simple to search website?

The After Death Communication Research Foundation is an organization founded by Jody Long J.D and Jeffrey Long M.D. dedicated to the study and reporting of all kinds of ADC or After Death Communication experiences. On their website they have a report form where you can document your own ADC experiences with many detailed questions. They now have thousands of reports online.

This is a valuable resource for those studying the paranormal and also for those who have just lost a loved one and might want to learn more about the grieving process and have their questions about life after death answered. Visit them at

I suggest checking out Star's EVP experience with her son Brad. After his death, Star had a dream where a woman sat on her bed and explained she was Brad's wife. The next day she was talking to Brad while driving and asked him if this was true or if perhaps the devil was playing games with here.

Upon returning home she discovered a phone message waiting on her answering machine. It was Brad. He said "Must be true". Over the next few weeks she captured many EVP recordings of her son. Read about them all now at Star's EVP After Death Communication

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Adolf Hitler on an EVP recording?

Perhaps Hitler did get his just desserts in the after life if a reported EVP from new year's eve 1960 in chapter 11 of "Voice Transmissions With The Deceased" is true. Author Friedrich Juergenson, reports a remarkable electronic voice phenomenon encounter with the infamous dictator where a polish jew woman is heard making fun of him!

“We lived in the deepest confusion…” began the voice in German, “…to oppress the people and to enslave them…the others withdrew, not me… that’s why I’m…” The words that followed were drowned out by our own voices. After a short pause, the man began to speak again. He added only one more sentence with a strange content, “We lived in a bad compote (fruit stew)”, then the voice broke off.

Right after that, the female voice that had said ”Federici is so sweet” became audible and called out mockingly a stretched “Heil!” In the next moment she added excitedly: “…that was Hitler…he’s not ashamed…he was here…” Though the woman spoke German, you could clearly recognize a Jewish accent, particularly that of a polish Jew. Again her voice sounded, this was right before the tape came to an end: “That was Hitler…he sees you!” She called out loud and exited, then added with a change in her tone of voice, embarrassed: “I tell Hitler…he loves me!”

Perhaps his suicide didn't free him from the mocking after all!

Read all about the Hitler EVP :

Friedrich Juergenson

I spent the morning with a dead man, Mr. Friedrich Juergenson. His "Voice Transmissions With The Deceased" has taught me a great deal about EVP and it's beginnings as a studied phenomenon.

I spend mornings with the dead quite often, but it's not what you are thinking. I read books, most of which represent the knowledge and experiences of those who have already gone before us. It's the nature of modern learning to learn from the dead, after all, but can you speak with the dead too? He says he did; many times and over the course of many years.

I have found a kindred spirit in Mr. Juergenson; a man who heard strange voices in his bird song recordings that should not be there, became fascinated at the possibilities and decided to investigate further. A man astounded that his tape recording could capture voices that seemed to be talking directly to him. He was quite honest in his observations without any preconceived notions as to the origin of the voices and explained with great detail his own uneasy feelings and numerous failures as his EVP experience unfolded over the course of many years. In chapter 8 of his book he says:
"I wasn't satisfied with any explanations that are given by parapsychologists,
spiritualists, occultists, ufologists and God knows how many other 'ists', because I wanted to know for sure, and convince myself through personal experience and not be satisfied with the explanation of others."Juergenson Chapter 8
At a time when he had stopped his recordings because he was questioning his own sanity for hearing "voices", and thought he might be hearing aliens or becoming schizophrenic, this man managed to put aside his worry about what others might think and plunged ahead to explore the actual cause of the strange ghostly voices he captured on tape.

The most amazing story he tells is of his first "public" gathering to hear EVP where he invited many guests to come to his house including the famous swedish radio producer Arne Weiss and noted psychiatrist and parapsychologist Dr. Bjorkhem. The results are marvelous and Mr. Weiss may be the first person ever to have an argument with a spirit via EVP.
"Arne grabbed the microphone again. "Where is Tanner?" he asked a few times in his clear strong voice. "I Sverige!" (In Sweden!), came a quiet answer. "I don't believe anything about you!" added Arne energetically, who had not heard the answer yet. "You don't exist at all! How can you answer when you can't possibly give an answer?" "Nonsense!" replied the same voice from the tape"
Over the course of many years, in a time when recording technology was in it's infancy and fancy effects and digital processing were unavailable, he continued his research and recordings. He became a revered "founder" of the EVP sciences and set the stage for those who would follow in his footsteps.

His personal stories are well written and wonderful to read. The book takes you along on his journey into the paranormal and his excitement and wonder at this mystery still come through his writings today. If you are interested in EVP at all, you have to read this book.

Read it for free : Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

I'll have more when I finish the book.

EVP is Real says Dwayne Claud

I was wondering if the new movie would generate real interest in the press about EVP or just more laughing and no real stories other than "look at these fools" like you normally might see the paranormal being treated. Perhaps we may see some more serious reporting of the scientific findings of researchers now?

PRESS RELEASE: Electronic Voice Phenomenon Is Real

“Electronic Voice Phenomenon has gained notoriety in the media recently with the release of Michael Keaton’s movie White Noise’”, states Dwayne Claud, Director of WNY Paranormal.

(PRWEB) December 27, 2004 -- “Electronic Voice Phenomenon has gained notoriety in the media recently with the release of Michael Keaton’s movie White Noise’”, states Dwayne Claud, Director of WNY Paranormal. Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the process through which researchers have been able to capture unexplainable voices or sounds on a recording device. According to Claud, “this isn’t fiction, recordings like this happen all the time – even locally.”

In the movie “White Noise”, Michael Keaton plays an architect whose life has been shattered by the unexplained disappearance and death of his wife. Keaton is contacted by a man who claims to be receiving messages from the dead wife through Electronic Voice Phenomenon, the process of recording a spirit’s voice. “Although the plot of the movie may be far fetched, the concept demonstrated in the movie of capturing unexplained voices on a recording device is not” states Claud.

The credit for discovering this phenomenon goes to Fredrick Jorgensen. Jorgensen was recording bird sounds in the Swedish countryside in 1959. It wasn’t until he played back his recording from that day that he heard the voice of a man discussing nocturnal bird songs in Norwegian. “It has since become a very important tool in the study of paranormal phenomenon, and is one of the most difficult forms of evidence to disprove” explains Claud.

The process by which someone can record an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is quite simple. It requires an audio recording device, preferably that uses a standard analog tape, an external microphone, headphones, and access to someplace where the investigator feels spirit activity may be present such as an older home or building, cemetery, or even a public historical site. It’s important to go with an open mind, and ask a series of questions pausing between each for a response. By using the external microphone you eliminate any motor noise from the recorder that you are using but still maintain the “white noise” generated by the tape itself. “You won’t hear anything while you’re recording at the location, but when you listen back in your headphones – you’ll be very surprised” expresses Claud. The voices that appear on the magnetic tape are often recorded well above or below the human hearing frequency – but are still in the recordable range.

“You won’t get something every time, so persistence is important” urges Claud. He records in ten minute segments and then listens to the recordings carefully through a set of headphone turned to a high, comfortable volume. He explains that it’s important to listen to the background for responses to the questions asked. Often times, it will be simple words that are spoken quickly or that sound strained - but sometimes they will sound like someone speaking directly into the microphone.

“Don’t expect long conversations. Often it’s simple answers to questions because it takes so much energy for these entities to verbalize a response” explains Claud. Many movies are based in reality and “White Noise” is one of those movies. To hear actual EVP’s and learn more about recording and the analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) visit .

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dec 26 Tsunamis Disaster in Asia

As the waves crashed over what at first looked to be a large concrete barrier near the beach, I realized that it was a two story building being engulfed that filled my TV screen. The full power of the ocean was summoned on Dec 26 by an unexpected earthquake off the coast of southeast asia and the resulting devastation will resonate through both this reality and the next for a long time to come.

While I never trust initial estimates, the death toll estimates are too staggering to believe. 100,000 presumed dead. That's a lot of people folks. All wiped out in an instant without any warning by a terribly powerful act of nature no one could do anything to stop.

I want to take this morning to stop myself for a few moments and realize this could all go any minute now. Poof! Hear the Regman on your IC recorders only from now on.

I know there are many among us, both in the here and in the here-after who are still reeling from this sudden tragedy. I would be scared if suddenly thrust into either situation and the living need food, water, medical attention and shelter now. It simply is not available anywhere in the region. The dead need burying and for those of you so inclined, perhaps a little guidance and explanation would be in order right about now for any of the lost who may be confused and shocked.
If we all work together we can help them all get through this. They need us or more will die.

I hope each of you can find the spare change and the spare time to donate what you can to the Red Cross and their relief efforts, or any other charity of your choice that is mobilizing to help. There is a long list of very brave souls and their organizations standing by to rush to the aid. You won't have to look far to donate somewhere. Please do what you can.

I'm including this donation box and encourage you all to please let me know if there are any others I can post here. Rest assured, I get nothing from this and neither does anyone else but the Red Cross.

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Please help. And give those you love a hug or two as well.

Radio Transmissions or Cell Phones can cause EVP?

Since day one, I've wondered if many potential EVP recordings are really radio transmissions, CB radio or cell phone broadcasts that the recorder picks up. I've seen it happen many times in all types of sound systems. My friends and I used to be plagued by a guy with a booster on his CB that would come through your radio, TV, even the answering machine.

I was glad to find there is a lively discussion over at the TAPS paranormal discussion board about this very topic. But it seems they have not really discovered any "new evidence" and one must still judge each EVP on it's own merits.

EVP can be cell phone or radio transmissions:

Cell phone and radio transmissions can be picked up by ordinary tape recorders if you set them up in the right way and under the right circumstances.

One poster at TAPS suggested sticking a recorder in a can and recording like she did. It even spied on their neighbor 6 doors down and across the street selling phone sex! Wow, what a great ghost website EVP that would be! Glad she nailed that down before we thought it might be real.

Electronic recording devices are able to pick up radio transmissions including the millions of phone calls, radio shows and other noise that constitutes our earthly airwaves. Some evp samples do end up being attributed to this fact and many more may in the future.

How do you explain the clarity?

But what about those EVP that are so clear? If my cell phone were ever that clear I'd faint! (Yes, I had Sprint. You could hear a pin drop but you never heard your dropped call end and I stood there talking to my hand one too many times and got rid of the stupid thing all together. I've never been happier; particularly now that I know people with a tape recorder and a can will be spying on me!)

Even the most hardened skeptic must admit much of the Class A EVP samples available are too clear and too precise to be radio or cell transmissions.

Besides, these voices talk back to you

The other argument is that some of these recordings actually respond to what the interviewer is saying. There are many samples of entire conversations. I found some in past posts. How could these be radio shows or cell phone conversations and give logical answers?

Now that's the million dollar EVP question, isn't it?

Check out the discussion and learn even more at The Atlantic Paranormal Society's EVP Discussion:

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

EVP Gallery

EVP Gallery

Another great GHOULI page to help us compare the quality between Class A EVP and Classes B and C. Lot's of samples of all three levels for you to listen to.

Real White Noise Movie EVP!

In an interview with Michael Keaton and Paul Brooks of White Noise, writer Mark Walters uncovers a facinating EVP experience during one of their press events!

PAUL BROOKS: We had an extraordinary occurrence ... where in a room full of journalists the E.V.P. folks asked if anyone wanted to try an experiment... a kind of cynical journalist said sure. They put the tape in, ... and she asked to speak to Uncle Paul. They played it back and a voice came through and said "Beck, it's Paul." The whole room freaked out, and she's like "You have to be kidding me."
Read about the movie and what Michael Keaton and Paul Brooks have to say about EVP at

Conversation with a Ghost?

Case Studies from South Jersey Paranormal Research Singing (recorded by Lois Weber)

This is the first EVP recording I've heard where there was a good ghost voice and a two way conversation that lasted more than a second or two.

On an investigation at the Masonic Lodge, Lois Weber, a researcher with the SJPR, hears a singing voice and records as IT asks "I hear you...are you here?". He then asks why she is here, (in a mostly male club) and she responds "singing", a second later another voice says "we like to sing". Silly living, they just never understand the dead!

Amazing this! From the same SJPR page as the previous post, but I thought this was so incredible an EVP to deserve it's own post for the archives.

Do We Talk Back?

Case Studies from South Jersey Paranormal Research:

"Do we talk back (recorded by Susan Bove')"

Amazing evidence that spirits are as confused about this technology as we are? More evidence that spirits travel in groups? Could be!

Investigator Susan Bove was instructing a couple in the ways of EVP recording for an interview they wished to have with their ghosts when they record the ghost voice ask
"Do we talk back?"! Amazing stuff you have to hear.

And you have to listen to her next recording of her friend hitting her leg as a ghostly voice sarcastically replies "How'd that feel, Deb?". This one is very clear.

The EVP samples on SJPR's page are almost all Class A EVP recordings. These will amaze and startle you. Guaranteed.

The Other Side - EVPVOICES.COM - EVP Recordings

On my next stop, I'm warmly welcomed by our friendly host Melissa who introduces me to her band of ghost hunters: Mandy, Charlotte, Greg and Heather who all hail from Missouri and have been researching the Electronic Voice Phenomenon for a few years now.
Boy, let me tell you, have they got some great EVP recording samples to share with us.

My favorite is the one where Melissa is teased by some motherly sounding ghost as she complains about her loud neighbors upstairs. The ghost whispers "Melissaaa" and a little girl there mimics the voice exactly seconds later as she pronounces: "Mellissaaa! I'm freaked out!"
Check out Mellissaaa for yourself

Ever hear a Marine sound off? It's the same with all of them, that distinct cadence and tone as they announce their rank and name to a superior. Only a true Marine can sound off like that.

Want to hear the ghost of a fallen soldier sound off when asked his name in a northern Missouri cemetery? This one is clear as a bell and gave me the chills.
Check out ""Marine Corps Staff Sergeant"

Imagine recording in a local cemetery and later hearing on the tape the name of a friend of yours at work! Upon asking your friend about the cemetery, she tells you she knows two little girls who lie buried there. This one is creepy too!
Hear the "Nancy Beagul" EVP

This one makes me laugh. My friend can't hear it, but if you listen as Greg inquires about why a rock is black, you can hear a smart ass ghost tell him "It's painted". Silly living people.
Check out the sarcastic ghost

After more than a few unsuccessful tries at EVP, the girls were astonished to hear "I am Talking. I'm saying Uncle Roger!" on a recording of them begging for someone to please come through!
See if you hear uncle Roger's ghost getting frustrated

And finally, imagine how surprised ghosts from the past must be when they learn for the first time that the living can record them. Listen as this surprised entity announces ""Play Me That Tape" as the girls are recording in a cemetery.
Play the tape yourself and decide

What a great bunch of very clear EVP. They have some that are not so clear, of course, but these are all pretty good examples. I do have to admit the little girl on the Mellissaaa sample doesn't really sound that freaked out to me, but children often don't when they say they are, so I don't know. There is not enough of the conversation after the evp on the tape to hear what happens next.

But all 5 pages of their samples are great and each comes with a fascinating story to go with it. It's definitely worth your time to check out

Monday, December 27, 2004

Best EVP Recording Ever?

G.O.U.L.I - Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Legend Investigations says they have the "best damn EVP ever". Well you just know I have to check this out!

It seems there once was a man who started a trucking company. He worked day and night at his business and it became very successful. But he was a workaholic who eventually had a heart attack and died right there in the building while conducting his business.

This man also had one pet peeve: Smoking. He hated the smell of cigarette smoke and loudly cursed smokers for the foul stench they created. The strange thing is that people keep smelling his most hated aroma in an office of the building far away from any outside smoking areas.

Tammy O, a member of GHOULI, visited this building to try and determine if it really was haunted by the cigarette hating founder. From the evidence she collected, it seems he is still there, watching over his beloved business and chasing away the foul stench of unseen smoking cigarettes.

Listen to this EVP and you will actually hear the voice of a man who sounds like he is standing in front of the microphone cursing "God Dammed Cigarette smoken" as soon as the investigators notice the mysterious ghostly smell!

This just might be the best damn EVP ever!

Ruth Baxter from White Noise in NM!

By now you should already know the EVP sample attributed to Ruth Baxter in the White Noise movie trailer is a real EVP recording, but it does not belong to a woman named Ruth Baxter who died in 1987.

That particular sample was taken in a lighthouse on the east coast of the United States and has long been believed to be of a civil war era ghost saying "I was seeing the war".

However, in May of this year, while investigating the old New Mexico State TB Sanitarium in Escondida, the southwest ghost hunters association may have found evidence that this ghost really gets around and now she's a movie star too! Who says you can't make it after you are dead?

Listen to the last sample on this page titled "I won't see you anymore" and tell me that does not sound just like our friend "Ruth Baxter" from the movie trailer. Maybe she was out here rehearsing for the movie?

Ruth Baxter visits the Ghost Hunt of the New Mexico State Sanitarium?
Freaky stuff White Noise movie fans must listen to!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

NM State Penitentiary Riot Ghost Voices

Well, today on my hunt for amazing EVP messages from the dead, I'm visiting the site of my home town ghost hunters, the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association, based right here in wonderful Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have a beautiful site and a lot of EVP and paranormal science info.

I'll have more on them later. But first some creepy EVP examples and a ghost door on video from one of their most gruesome investigations!

On February 2nd, 1980, New Mexico was in the news all around the world. While one might expect it to have something to do with aliens or nuclear weapons, no... this day was to go down in history as one of the worst in american history and would forever change our correctional system.
"Shortly before 2 a.m. inmates at the Penitentiary of New Mexico near Santa Fe overpowered four correctional officers ... and, within minutes, ... smashed their way into the main control center (and gained) access to every part of the main penitentiary building where 1,157 male inmates were under the custody and care of 25 correctional employees." From the Attorney General's Report
This was human beings at their most violent. Thirty three inmates died horribly at the hands of their fellow prisoners that day. Most of the carnage took place in cell block 4, the protective custody block where snitches and cops gone bad were kept. Some were tortured and then beheaded with power tools, others were hung by sheets and the poor unfortunate few deemed worthy were burned alive with propane torches. Their charred outlines still remain today.

I remember that fateful day well, you see Feb 2 is my birthday and I was turning 11 years old. My brother was a news photographer for a local TV station and was called up there to report the story. It turned out to be one of his biggest and a large help to his successful career. Since then, my brother has seen a lot, from gangster hits to real live war. I have never seen him as shaken as when he returned from this ghastly story.

At eleven, I was unable to grasp the full horror of what had occurred there as he described some of what he saw at the time, but spared me the graphic details. I asked him about it when I got older, but he doesn't like to talk about it much. The most haunting image I will carry from his brief and dismissing descriptions is the four inches of human blood they had to wade through to get into cell block 4. They were among the first on the scene to witness the debris and human body parts still floating on this crimson pond of horror.

The members of SGHA investigated the old penitentiary along with local radio station KZRR 94rock and some winners of a "Fear" type contest. The voice EVP they gathered are somewhat disappointing, but the pictures and video are really interesting. Ghost Hunt of the New Mexico State Penitentiary

All their EVP samples have been modified, which is something I'm learning to
hate in my studies. (but seems to be the norm for samples on the internet due to internet bandwidth or storage space concerns? or just the fact they went through software to get to the internet in the first place?). I wish everyone would post the enhanced version and non enhanced version or at least tell us what software they used and what enhancements were made. I'd like to be able to make up my own mind and at least hear the original sample. Once you modify something without the original to refer to, there is too much chance for error or interpretation and I can't be sure there even was a voice to start with.
When asked if he would like to be somewhere else, one ghostly resident may have responded "playing golf". Yeah, I'll bet!

Another was asked his name, but you can't make it out. There is a sound there though.

And finally when asked "are you alone" a voice may respond "twenty". It seems clear, but it's filtering gives it the trademark "evil alien" voice, so I just don't know if it says twenty or not. Perhaps he was trying to say 23, the number of inmates killed in famous cell block 4?
Decide what they say for yourself!

Now, are you ready to be scared? Proceed with caution if you frighten easily.

Their first video features a sound like a door shutting (yet all the doors were locked and confirmed so by a state employee) as an orb goes rushing by on some urgent errand!

Their second video actually shows a closed cell door mysteriously open as the investigators pass. CREEPY and Guaranteed to make you jump!!! Check them both out!

I'm wondering if there is another investigation planned for the 25th anniversary of the Santa Fe Prison Riot in a few weeks? I'll find out and let you know!