Thursday, December 30, 2004

Friedrich Juergenson

I spent the morning with a dead man, Mr. Friedrich Juergenson. His "Voice Transmissions With The Deceased" has taught me a great deal about EVP and it's beginnings as a studied phenomenon.

I spend mornings with the dead quite often, but it's not what you are thinking. I read books, most of which represent the knowledge and experiences of those who have already gone before us. It's the nature of modern learning to learn from the dead, after all, but can you speak with the dead too? He says he did; many times and over the course of many years.

I have found a kindred spirit in Mr. Juergenson; a man who heard strange voices in his bird song recordings that should not be there, became fascinated at the possibilities and decided to investigate further. A man astounded that his tape recording could capture voices that seemed to be talking directly to him. He was quite honest in his observations without any preconceived notions as to the origin of the voices and explained with great detail his own uneasy feelings and numerous failures as his EVP experience unfolded over the course of many years. In chapter 8 of his book he says:
"I wasn't satisfied with any explanations that are given by parapsychologists,
spiritualists, occultists, ufologists and God knows how many other 'ists', because I wanted to know for sure, and convince myself through personal experience and not be satisfied with the explanation of others."Juergenson Chapter 8
At a time when he had stopped his recordings because he was questioning his own sanity for hearing "voices", and thought he might be hearing aliens or becoming schizophrenic, this man managed to put aside his worry about what others might think and plunged ahead to explore the actual cause of the strange ghostly voices he captured on tape.

The most amazing story he tells is of his first "public" gathering to hear EVP where he invited many guests to come to his house including the famous swedish radio producer Arne Weiss and noted psychiatrist and parapsychologist Dr. Bjorkhem. The results are marvelous and Mr. Weiss may be the first person ever to have an argument with a spirit via EVP.
"Arne grabbed the microphone again. "Where is Tanner?" he asked a few times in his clear strong voice. "I Sverige!" (In Sweden!), came a quiet answer. "I don't believe anything about you!" added Arne energetically, who had not heard the answer yet. "You don't exist at all! How can you answer when you can't possibly give an answer?" "Nonsense!" replied the same voice from the tape"
Over the course of many years, in a time when recording technology was in it's infancy and fancy effects and digital processing were unavailable, he continued his research and recordings. He became a revered "founder" of the EVP sciences and set the stage for those who would follow in his footsteps.

His personal stories are well written and wonderful to read. The book takes you along on his journey into the paranormal and his excitement and wonder at this mystery still come through his writings today. If you are interested in EVP at all, you have to read this book.

Read it for free : Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

I'll have more when I finish the book.

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