Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Real White Noise Movie EVP!

In an interview with Michael Keaton and Paul Brooks of White Noise, writer Mark Walters uncovers a facinating EVP experience during one of their press events!

PAUL BROOKS: We had an extraordinary occurrence ... where in a room full of journalists the E.V.P. folks asked if anyone wanted to try an experiment... a kind of cynical journalist said sure. They put the tape in, ... and she asked to speak to Uncle Paul. They played it back and a voice came through and said "Beck, it's Paul." The whole room freaked out, and she's like "You have to be kidding me."
Read about the movie and what Michael Keaton and Paul Brooks have to say about EVP at http://www.bigfanboy.com/pages/interviews/michaelkeaton/keaton.html

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