Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Timeless Voices - EVP Analysis

Timeless Voices - EVP Analysis

Lot''s of great EVP from this site. Living in the Southwest, as I do, one might think that our "wild west" might be a great place for recording EVP since so many tragic deaths occured during the settlement and exploration of this most inhospitable part of the country. Check out the Ghosts and Haunts of the Southwest for a ton of very interesting EVP.

"We are not here to hurt you" is a great example of some very clear class A EVP. While investigating a house without power, the team set up a tape recorder in a bedroom and went about the rest of the house. After returning, a recording of a woman's voice can be heard definately saying "we are not here to hurt you"! Well, I hope not!

Next is their collection of EVP taken on the Queen Mary. A popular ghost hunting spot and perhaps the most famous "haunted ship", the QM is a treasure trove of the paranormal and these EVP recordings are worth listening to.

"hotter than Hot" is how one "ghost" describes this team of women researchers as they investigate rooms B341 and B343 on the QM. While feeling the door for any heat sensations, a ghostly voice can be heard. Was he talking about the doors or the women? You decide.

"grata" when leaving the area of rooms B341 and 343, these polite investigators say thank you to whomever may be around. The response is "grata"! A you're welcome in Italian? You be the judge.

'I'm trying"? This EVP from the Queen Mary's first class pool area is also quite interesting. While the researchers say they hear "I'm trying" or "I'm crying", it sounds to me like there is a loud conversation that is obviously the researchers, yet under it is another conversation that sounds like kids. I definately can hear "where are you" in the middle. Can you?

Browse on over to the Ghosts and Haunts of the Southwest to hear more amazing EVP from the Queen Mary and other places in the great SW as well!

Sooner Corral EVP

G.H.O.U.L.I EVP GALLERY- Sooner corral

This is not really an EVP, but rather an SSP (spontaneous Sound Phenomenon) but it sure is interesting.

Two investigators from the Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Investigations captured this amazing recording while conducting an investigation.

Russ, the guy running the recording equipment at the time, is very skeptical and didn't buy this right off. So, he asked the "spirit" who was tapping on the microphone to tap three times in a row.

As his partner exclaims that he can see indentions forming in the carpet as if some unseen person was walking across it, Russ records an amazing three taps on the mic which repeated three times, just as he had asked!

Great stuff, this! And a good lesson too. IF you get an EVP, ask the spirits to do something particular, something that will let you know some unseen force is responding to you.

Great EVP from the find folks at GHOULI! Check out the Sooner Corral EVP for yourself here.