Saturday, August 06, 2005

The AA-EVP's new "4Cell" experiment

Well, it seems while I've been gone the AA-EVP has been busy developing an interesting new experiment with some very exciting and scientific methods.

Called the 4Cell EVP Demonstration, the main goal is to show that actual, provable communication can be had between experimenters and whomever is causing these strange voices people keep recording that we call the Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

So far, few researchers have even attempted, let alone actually accomplished an extended two way dialogue with these seemingly disembodied "entities". While many of the EVP recordings seem to be answering direct questions of the researchers, there is room for interpretation and the skeptics are always quick to point this out.

So, the AA-EVP wants to create a "test bed" with an established protocol, detailed records and weekly sessions to answer some basic questions about this amazing phenomenon in a way that minimizes direct personal involvement and therefore any possible direct or indirect interference on the part of individual researchers.

The questions they hope to answer:

  • Can you communicate and perhaps have some sort of conversation with the "other side"?
  • What forms of information are most easily communicated?
  • What are the best methods for training people to conduct transcommunication.
  • And which devices work best for capturing voices or images from these invisible benefactors?
Bold goals indeed.

Here is how it works:

One person, called the 'Requester' comes up with the question they will ask of the "entity". The Requester tells no one, at least no one living here on Earth what that question will be, but they are not clear on exactly how the Requester makes the request known to those they wish to communicate with.

Next, another person called the 'Sender' asks those on the other side to answer the question posed by the Requester. But, they don't actually make the recording, that's done by another person called the 'Receiver'.

The Receiver is always unaware of the specifics of the request and simply attempts to record any responses the "other side" might wish to make.

After the recording is completed, a fourth person, the 'Scribe' compares any recorded messages with the actual question asked by the Requester to see if the answer matches.

If there is a reasonable assumption that the recording is indeed in answer to the Requesters question, then the recording gets posted to the AA-EVP discussion group so that other members, called the "listening panel", can review the recording to see if they can concur on what was said and if indeed it was a response to the question posed.

All the while any communication between the four cell members will be conducted via an email list so that they will have detailed recorded archives of what was said and when.

This is the kind of stuff I've been waiting for! It's ok to go to a cemetery or be sitting in your house and ask "what is your name" and then record something you think might be a name, but this way there is a firm question, a firm answer, a peer review process of sorts and detailed records.

Not to mention, with the same group working together over a period of months, the possiblility of expanding on previous questions and actually having a conversation is very exciting!

So, what have they found so far? Great results came the very first week!

The question was asked by one group 'Does it take more of your energy to manifest a Class 'A' EVP? If so please indicate your answer as 'More energy' or 'No difference.' (I love that it's only multiple choice, not much room for interpretation here!)

The answer? An amazing "no difference" was clearly heard by the listening panel. Amazing! (It also leads to the obvious question 'then why do we have so many more class 'B' and 'C' EVP, but I'm sure they will get to that)

Another group posed the question "Can you tell me the name of JR's make-believe sister?" While this question does leave some room for personal interpretation and there is a remote possiblility that other participants might know this, the expected answer was "Sissy Sally" which is fairly specific and leaves little room for any interpretation on the part of the panel.

What response did they agree on after reviewing their recordings? "Sally is the name"! Now that's close enough for me!

What an exciting project. It seems this started back in May and I can't wait to learn what they have discovered since then.

As always, I'll keep you informed and I want to send a big giant


to the fine folks at the AA-EVP for attempting this. It has great potential and moves us in the right direction of proving what the heck EVP really is!

Monday, August 01, 2005

EVPs and Videos from Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research

Today I discovered the EVPs and Videos from Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research.

The thing I liked about their approach to posting EVP on the internet is that they won't tell you what they hear, they want you to tell them what you hear!

This is an interesting practice. Many naysayers point to the fact that if you tell people what they will hear, they will hear exactly that. For many EVP, this is true. I recall the debate over the WhiteNoise movie trailers. What millions heard as "I will see you no more" has been thought for years to be "I was seeing the war". Giant green letters on the screen might influence your judgement. These people try and minimize that and should be applauded for their very scientific efforts!

So, let''s listen and see what we hear!

Charlotte's EVP 2 - Taken with a micro cassette recorder I hear "please help me". What do you hear?

Charlotte's EVP 4 - This one is hard to make out. AT time index 0.05 there is definately a voice. The girls are talking about rewinding their recorders and you can hear a male voice whisper "see I told you"? Then, at the end of the recording there are very strange noises and a ground hum of sorts. Could be created by unplugging a mic or something, but it is interesting listening none the less.

Listen to Charlotte's EVP #6 and see what you hear. I can't make it out, but there is definately a male voice on this recording as well.

The amazing thing about Charlotte's recordings is that the male voice sounds like the same one on most of these. They don't say if all these recordings were taken at the same place or during the same investigation, but it is interesting to hear the same voice on multiple recordings, even if I can't make out what was being said.

Check out her EVP #9. She asks any spirits to speak into the microphone and say their name. Right after that you can hear a voice, but the recording seems to cut off and I can't make it out.

And finally, who is "Debbie Olsen"? I don't know, but it sure sounds like that's what Patricia's Issaquah clip captured a ghostly voice saying!

Check out this site. They have lot's of great EVP and many interesting investigations to read about.

Also, check out the facinating way they conduct themselves while investigating the Starvation Heights in Olalla Washington. They even blindfold their psychics, put them in seperate vehicles and don't tell them where they are going even after they get there.

When they do arrive, they also don't let any of the four teams interact with one another and they all must conduct their own independent investigations.

While it might sound more like a secret Mafia meeting, this is one great way to minimize the chances of one group influencing the others.

Good science and fun reading. Check out the Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research right now!