Monday, August 01, 2005

EVPs and Videos from Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research

Today I discovered the EVPs and Videos from Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research.

The thing I liked about their approach to posting EVP on the internet is that they won't tell you what they hear, they want you to tell them what you hear!

This is an interesting practice. Many naysayers point to the fact that if you tell people what they will hear, they will hear exactly that. For many EVP, this is true. I recall the debate over the WhiteNoise movie trailers. What millions heard as "I will see you no more" has been thought for years to be "I was seeing the war". Giant green letters on the screen might influence your judgement. These people try and minimize that and should be applauded for their very scientific efforts!

So, let''s listen and see what we hear!

Charlotte's EVP 2 - Taken with a micro cassette recorder I hear "please help me". What do you hear?

Charlotte's EVP 4 - This one is hard to make out. AT time index 0.05 there is definately a voice. The girls are talking about rewinding their recorders and you can hear a male voice whisper "see I told you"? Then, at the end of the recording there are very strange noises and a ground hum of sorts. Could be created by unplugging a mic or something, but it is interesting listening none the less.

Listen to Charlotte's EVP #6 and see what you hear. I can't make it out, but there is definately a male voice on this recording as well.

The amazing thing about Charlotte's recordings is that the male voice sounds like the same one on most of these. They don't say if all these recordings were taken at the same place or during the same investigation, but it is interesting to hear the same voice on multiple recordings, even if I can't make out what was being said.

Check out her EVP #9. She asks any spirits to speak into the microphone and say their name. Right after that you can hear a voice, but the recording seems to cut off and I can't make it out.

And finally, who is "Debbie Olsen"? I don't know, but it sure sounds like that's what Patricia's Issaquah clip captured a ghostly voice saying!

Check out this site. They have lot's of great EVP and many interesting investigations to read about.

Also, check out the facinating way they conduct themselves while investigating the Starvation Heights in Olalla Washington. They even blindfold their psychics, put them in seperate vehicles and don't tell them where they are going even after they get there.

When they do arrive, they also don't let any of the four teams interact with one another and they all must conduct their own independent investigations.

While it might sound more like a secret Mafia meeting, this is one great way to minimize the chances of one group influencing the others.

Good science and fun reading. Check out the Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research right now!


Anonymous said...

I love The Washington State Team... they are very pro at what they do. I endorse them!
Tonya aka GHOULI

Darren said...

Hi and thanks for the recognition.
We just put up some new EVPs that even we are amazed at the quality.
As a side note, all of Charlotte's EVPs were obtained at the same place.



RegManabq said...

Thanks for stopping by Darren and clearing up the location question!

So, maybe those are the same guy in all the recordings!