Saturday, November 19, 2005

Darren's EVP Society

The EVP Society is the brain child of Darren Blanchard, otherwise known around the internet as OrdMandell, a guy who started recording EVP just a week ago and already has some amazing recordings.

Darren is very excited about his early results and has already built an attractive website to showcase them. He has spent much of the last two weeks learning all he can about EVP and has been making good progress.

I first met him over at where he has quickly become a very active forum member. He reminds me somewhat of myself in my first few days of EVP study. He is eager to learn and reaching out for information wherever he can find it. I thought I might bring all of you along to check out his new site since he was kind enough to ask for my opinion.

The EVP Society is just a shell of a site at the moment, albeit one with a cool picture of a dead tree, but the good stuff is in his archives anyway, so lets just listen to his EVP.

His first EVP recorded on 8 November is amazingly clear and would scare the pants off most people. I'm not sure how anyone would feel when they hear a definite voice say "SHUT UP" when recording EVP for the first time. Darren was not discouraged.

Making no claims about his skills with audio software or recording devices, he is learning as he goes and the quality of the samples is greatly improving as he gains experience with the equipment. He is using Cool-Edit and is quickly learning how to properly filter his recordings without changing them. Still, many of his EVP are unclear or over processed. I do applaud him for posting his entire first session with whitenoise. That's good research, good sharing and a good listen. Nice Job!

My favorite is titled "how do I get out of here". It's very clear, but makes you wonder who needs to get out of where? Maybe Darren can find out.

We shall keep an eye on Darren and the EVP Society and I hope everyone welcomes and assists him in anyway you can, while forgiving the occasional cultural faux paus he is bound to make as a new comer to the world of the paranormal.