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Announce your Paranormal Event

Having a Paranormal Event?

Does your ghost hunting group have an upcoming meeting? Are you planning a ghost hunting trip to capture some EVPs and want some company? Please feel free to use this space to announce group meetings, gatherings, festivals or any public event having to do with ghosts, ghost hunting or EVP.
(Please no psychic, alien or magic events. Ghosts only!)

Add your comments below and include:

Name of event:
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and a short description of what the event is all about.

Or find your own local Paranormal Group or Ghost Hunter Gathering at

EVP Press Relations Office

Welcome members of the press and publishing media as well as webmasters and E-zine editors.

It has been man's dream to talk with the dead. Now you can.

"All you need is a regular tape recorder" say researchers of the electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP, and you can record ghostly voices that answer your questions, call out your name or even tease you a little. Featured in the new Michael Keaton movie 'White Noise', this is no hollywood creation. People have been recording these strange voices ever since the invention of sound recording equipment and the popularity of digital and PC recording has produced a dramatic increase in the number of high quality samples taken by people around the world.

Experiments were conducted in special radio proof rooms during the early seventies at both Cambridge University and Pye records in England which suggest these are not stray radio waves inadvertantly picked up by the recording equipment. After listening to thousands of samples taken during his own research, noted ex-NASA voice recognition expert Alex MacRae concluded some are indeed recordings of actual voices, even though no one present during recording heard any voices at all. Supporters claim they communicate with the dead who respond to direct questions while skeptics struggle for a more plausable scientific explanation.

This is a story for you.
Talking with the dead via tape recorder is an attention grabbing subject. Stories featuring people's personal experiences or ghost hunting reports, the history and science of evp, short biographies of the famous researchers, how to do it yourself or even debunking will keep your readers attention until the very last word.

Why now?
With the new Michael Keaton movie White Noise in theaters, interest has never been greater and your readers are demanding for the first time to know more about this strange paranormal phenomenon. EVP is a hot topic in the major press and broadcast media as well as the internet. As one web surfer put it "there are more discussion topics on the internet about EVP than Jesus right now."

But where do you find quality content your readers will enjoy when most freelance writers think evp stands for Executive Vice President? (contact me)

I can get you a great story before your deadline.
Don't waste time bringing someone else up to speed or sifting out the junk on the internet. I am familiar with the subject, it's history and the people involved. I know where the good resources are, where the best samples can be located and I can get interviews with people who have first hand experience or the ghost hunters who document them. I can quote various sources on just about any point of view.

I have quality content ready for you to cut and paste from my website or you can access each article via XML for real time use in your own website or newletter.
I can custom tailor an article or sidebar under 1000 words in usually less than 24hrs. Longer articles or those requiring extensive research or interviews will take longer. How long would it take your staff writer to start from scratch? (contact me)

What treatment do you need?
Let me know what you need or query me for suggestions. If you have back issues online, I can quickly work with you to develop story ideas suitable for your audience and the space you have available. You can see samples of my work by browsing this website or request articles similar in topic or style to those you find here. (contact me)

Possible story ideas include:

"The haunted coffee pot"
Charli's Krups coffee pot is haunted, not by just one ghost but hundreds who stop by to say hi and have a chat. It's become the prefered inter-dimensional phone booth!

"My daughter yells at the dog from the dead"
Two years after her death, Martha Copeland recorded her daughter Cathy yelling at their dog as he tore up the living room. It prompted her to found an international organization dedicated to contacting the dead with a tape recorder on thursday nights.

"Ghosts in your TV?"
Can evil beings come through your television like in the new movie white noise starring Michael Keaton? No, say professional ghost hunters, very few evp experiences are from evil spirits and spirit beings don't generally come out of TV's.

"What is in the White Noise? Scientists trying to prove it was the radio failed."
An experiment was conducted at Cambridge University in 1971 to prove the electronic voice pheonmoneon, featured in the movie white noise, is not a method to communicate with the dead using ordinary electronic devices, but only stray radio signals picked up by crude devices. Scientists failed in their attempt and abandonded their research.

"Hearing voices in white noise."
White noise is literally all the various frequencies the human ear can hear at the same time. Why do people hear voices in it? Psychologist Jim Alcock says “Perception is a very complex process, and when our brains try to find patterns, they are guided in part by what we expect to hear; The brain puts together the visual cue and the auditory input, and we actually “hear” what we are informed is being said, even though without that information, we could discern nothing.”

Contact me
via email:
(I'm avoiding spambots, so please take out WHITE NOISE before sending)
or via yahoo instant messenger as: regmanabq
or leave your comments below and I will be emailed immediately.

EVP, Paranormal and Ghost Website Links

This is a list of some of the better websites I've seen in my travels with little notes about each. If you want to suggest a link, add your comments below and I'll visit soon!

EVP / ITC Websites

  • AA-EVP The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon - is a nonprofit educational association that is dedicated to the support of people who are interested in or who are studying Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). This web site offers examples, techniques and concepts concerning Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental TransCommunication. (description from website)
  • EVPVOICES.COM - Join your host Mellisa and her merry band of ghost hunters as they bring some amazing EVP to us from north-central Missouri. This award winning site has lot's of EVP samples, some pics and a little astrology too! (mellissa, I'm freaked out!)
  • EVP - - This dutch website is quite interesting. While they could use a better english translation, it's not so bad you can't follow along (and doesn't matter if you happen to read dutch) and there is a lot of info here. Check out their "20 voices from the beyond" and see some great pics too.
  • Haunted Voices - One of the world's largest website and community about EVP. Great info, free training, a busy forum and weekly chats make this site a must see!
  • The Coffee Pot Ghost - A lady from the east-coast named Charli communicates with the dead through her Krups coffee pot! A hilarious ride awaits this site's visitors as they enjoy some wonderful EVP samples with a side dish of humor. see my first visit

Paranormal Websites

  • Paranormal Phenomenon at - describes their site as "THE starting place for exploring paranormal phenomena and the unexplained" and that claim might not be too exagerated! From anomalies to zombies, they have it all.
  • Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

Ghost Websites

  • All About Ghosts - A little of everything and a lot of great links, this is a good resource for everything ghastly and ghoulie out here on the net.
  • American Ghosts- Your online travel guide to haunting around America!
  • Everything Scary - This site has a little bit of everything scary. From horror movies to haunted houses, you'll find something of interest at this site.
  • - Ghost Research, Evidence, and Discussion
  • Ghost Study - Hosted by the world famous "Ghost Master", Jim Eaton, this is one great site with a little bit of everything. A rather large collection of pics and a chance to show off your own as well as plenty of ghost stories!

Paranormal Investigators & Ghost Hunters

  • GhostVox - Paranormal Phenomenon Research in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. These folks captured some great EVP recordings in their local cemetary and have some pretty cool pictures of all sorts of freaky things.
  • G.O.U.L.I - Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Legend Investigations- These guys really have it all together. They do investigations and offer tours of OKC's most haunted locations! They also have a very lively and informative discussion group and lot's of great EVP and pictures to see.
  • Paranormal Investigations of Texas - "Thar's Ghosts in them there hills!" Discover the haunted hills of Texas with Ghost Hunter, author and now paranormal film maker Richard Smith, his wife Mary and their merry band of Lonestar ghost hunters. Lot's of great EVP samples, info and some great ghostly pictures! Watch for their new movie: "Everywhere I go is Haunted"!
  • Spiritseekers of Ohio - Our organization was founded in May 2001. Our main focus is to document and present credible evidence to the public of spirit activity. In our website you will find articles and tips on ghost hunting as well as some of our case investigations, photo's and evps. (description from website)
  • SpiritSearchers - A husband and wife ghosthunting team located in Central New Jersey founded this website to present their findings to the world. Never asking for money, all they ask is that you keep an open mind...
  • South Jersey Paranormal Research - A group of paranormal researchers from all walks of life who have captured some of the most amazing EVP ever. Hear an actual conversation with a couple of singing ghosts and the first human and ghost co-ed orientation lecture on how to do evp ever recorded! Listen as the ghosts even ask questions!
  • Southwest Ghost Hunters Association - This group of believers and skeptics alike based in the southwest US, are all about research, not necessarily to prove the existense of ghosts, but to investigate all possibilities of a "haunting" and draw sound conclusions. Great documentation and some interesting investigations of the "Old West".

    Skeptic Sites

  • - The Skeptics Society is dedicated "to the promotion of science and critical thinking,and to the investigation of extraordinary claims and revolutionary ideas". You really have to prove your case to these guys!

White Noise Movie Related Sites

  • Official White Noise Movie Site - Check out all the latest and see clips, trailers and learn more at Universal's website for the upcoming blockbuster movie White Noise. Scare your friends and email them an EVP recording!

Paranormal Radio, TV and Magazines

  • FATE Magazine - provides a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Published continuously since 1948, FATE is the only publication to consistently supply its loyal readership with a broad array of true accounts of the strange and unknown.
  • Ghost Magazine - Ghost! Mag caters to researchers, ghost clubs, ghost groups, and those who just want to learn about the technology, and or travel to haunted locations around the world.
  • Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

Haunted House and Halloween Sites

  • Haunted - The best haunted house site on the net. Check out real haunted houses or find an attraction near you!