Friday, December 10, 2004

Announce your Paranormal Event

Having a Paranormal Event?

Does your ghost hunting group have an upcoming meeting? Are you planning a ghost hunting trip to capture some EVPs and want some company? Please feel free to use this space to announce group meetings, gatherings, festivals or any public event having to do with ghosts, ghost hunting or EVP.
(Please no psychic, alien or magic events. Ghosts only!)

Add your comments below and include:

Name of event:
Date of event:
Location City and State:
Exact Location address:
Contact Name:
Way to contact you for further information:

and a short description of what the event is all about.

Or find your own local Paranormal Group or Ghost Hunter Gathering at

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Name of event: 2005 Oklahoma Paranormal Conference
Date of event:10/22/05
Location City and State: Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma
Exact Location address: 3125 N. Classen
Contact Name:Tonya Hacker
Way to contact you for further information