Thursday, December 16, 2004

The White Noise Movie Trailer

Don't waste your bandwidth visiting all the EVP websites you find on the search engines. Most of the recordings are inaudible and you will spend hours finding the best paranormal researcher websites. Many of the sites out there have little to do with EVP and only offer the same old samples over and over again.
But I can help. Join me every day as I scour the Internet to bring you the best EVP recording samples, researcher case files and paranormal resource websites out there.

My journey begins, as it will for millions of others in the next few weeks, when I see a movie trailer for the upcoming Universal release WHITE NOISE. I was not really paying attention to what my friends were watching until a spooky voice called out from the TV "I love you". The voice sounded so weird that I had to turn and see what was going on.

Chills ran up my spine as more creepy voices followed with "Get out of my house" and "you will suffer". They definately had my attention. Good trailer for a movie that was sounding pretty scary so far.

See the official white noise movie trailer or watch it and see production pictures at the White Noise movie page at Yahoo

The voice over announces that "the real life phenomenon is the most disturbing movie of the year" and I had to learn more. I love scary movies and this one was sounding really good. Everyone in the room was creeped out just from a 30 second TV spot! I jumped online and went straight to their official site to learn more.

As I watched the full theatrical trailer, I became more and more enthralled. I had heard of recording ghosts before, but these recordings were amazing. I figured this was another Blair Witch Project and Hollywood was once again fabricating media loosely based on a real life phenomenon to pitch a scary movie.

What I found on their site was much more than simple theatrics. It sparked something in me and I have to learn about this amazing phenomenon. The more I learn the more facinated I become. This really could be proof of life after death, time travel or alternate dimensions. I intend to find out if it is all true and do what I can to figure out what the answer might be as to how it all works.

I invite you along. I guarantee I'll find the best EVP on the internet and bring it to you each and every day right here along with my own commentary and experiences as I explore this strange new world of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. I'll scare the hell out of you and have you rolling on the floor laughing, guaranteed or your money back.

Most of the EVP recordings on the Internet are barely audible and many EVP websites you find with the search engines are not worth the time to visit or have nothing to do with EVP at all.

Don't waste your valuable bandwidth searching through the thousands of EVP examples out there. Let me do the work and just check in when you find the time and I'll show you exactly where to hear the best EVP and learn from the people who really know how to do it.

I look forward to your company on this wild and wonderful journey and please be sure to leave your own comments for me and the world to ponder as you read each post! (email not required!)


Anonymous said...

ofcourse there is a GOD!! AND YOU ALL GONNA BURN dont be stupid change your mind and dont dealwith these things anymore

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is an incident in the Bible...Samuel was brought back from the dead...and he spoke. Scary stuff!!

Anonymous said...

To everyone that is so into god and say that we will burn for this...Why are you even on this website?

Anonymous said...

I believe pain whether the loss of a loved ones life cut short or a moment of despair about your faith or what your God has in store for you lend themselves to these "phenomena". A consistent theme through all religions is an afterlife or a rebirth or reharnessing of the ball of energy we are. But whatever your belief or faith, be true to it.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that a great almighty god will be vain enough to be angerred when someone gets a tape recorder and says hello in an empty room. Get a grip people.

Jason said...

If I can smell your religion before I can feel your spirituality; you are indeed false.

E. Anton Mauri said...

In logic nothing is accidental: if a thing can occur in a state of affairs, the possibility of the state of affairs must be written into the thing itself.
( Ludwig WITTGENSTEIN, in : tractatus logico-philosophicus )
I put me as a member of hauntedvoices two days ago ; strange, amazing and very interesting site. Before I discovered that site I didn't know anything about EVP. Very interesting and gave me the will to discover more and try to do some research.
- E. Anton Mauri -

Anonymous said...

Now isn't it funny that you are on here denouncing what someone believes, but no one is denouncing your faith. I went to catholic school for 12 years. Does it at all seem possible that it is much like today that Mary slept with someone(mainly the belief is Joseph) got pregnant said it didn't happen(immaculant conception) and then that someone denys father hood?

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you guys talking about? Did you even read the blog? How did we get on to "where did Jesus come from"?