Friday, December 17, 2004

EVP Voice Examples Starring Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra?

I do have to admit Tom and Lisa Butler of Lake Tahoe have captured some very interesting EVP recordings and amazingly enough they might just be of famous dead movie stars!
EVP Voice Examples featuring movie stars?

It seems they were out investigating a haunting in a cabin used by Marilyn Monroe at the Cal-Neva Resort once owned by Frank Sinatra. They called to Marilyn to speak with them and recorded a voice that clearly sounds like "Wanna see a movie?" Wow, this recording is clear and easy to make out!

At the same resort they were given a tour of Sinatra's old dressing room in the theatre which the employees felt was definitely haunted. When they asked to see inside the lighting and sound booth, the door of which reportedly would often slam shut unexpectedly startling everyone working on stage, the employee declined saying that she "would never go up there". At that Lisa kindly thanked their guide and left.

When they got home a polite voice could be heard in the background at that exact moment saying "please don't come". This EVP is not as clear as the previous one and the voice might be interpreted as "You're welcome" if you listen to it right.

But the creepiest EVP recording they have is definitely the one from Alcatraz. While investigating the cell blocks of the infamous Rock, they may have captured one of it's resident tortured souls. When Lisa advises any spirits present that they "can speak on this device", an eerie reply is heard to say "That's right, we know". Very scary recording. Gave me the instant chills.

It would seem these lakeside researchers have not only captured some amazing EVP samples, but have also managed to record in some rather interesting places.

I hope they will tell Marilyn I'd love to go to the movies with her. Perhaps we can even find an old Sinatra reel playing somewhere!

EVP Books by Tom and Lisa Butler

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Anonymous said...

I listened to the evp from the white noise and heard:"I will see your lord". now i'm not a great one on the bible or religion but,i'm spiritual in my own way and for me to hear the message this way is totally out of charactor for me.