Sunday, January 02, 2005

Call for Articles, Reviews and Books

Tired of finding the same old thing with search engines? Me too. But I had a thought:

Now imagine a website...
all about Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Instrumental Transcommunication, Ghost Hunting and other related paranormal topics with the very latest information, fully searchable archives, available 24/7 to everyone everywhere and written by YOU!

Wouldn't that be cool?
  • Are you a paranormal expert with lot's of great advice?
  • Are you a ghost hunter with something to share with new people?
  • Did you write a book, pamphlet, discussion post or article that might be of interest to anyone studying supernatural events?
  • Need to report some hot paranormal news or a recent investigation or discovery?
  • Do you have a strong opinion about communicating with the dead or have you experienced this strange phenomenon first hand?
  • Can you visit a website or read a book and write a short report about it?
Then I need your help!

Submit your own news, opinions or articles and help build the world's largest virtual library and news outlet covering the history, study, research, investigation and interpretation of EVP and ITC on the planet.

Sound interesting? Get all the details here:


Gary said...

Check out the Spiricom ! It is very interesting ! Instead of white noise it now uses tones.. 13 at the same time. I have all the tones on a wave file and it sounds pretty scary allready ! Going to try to record an EVP with these tones tommorow. Here is the link to the Spiricom.

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to invite anyone intrested in the wonders of evp to come to a halloween evp party!

there will be many evp's shared, prizes given away, a virtual costume contest, and lots of talk on this phenomena!

i hope you can all make it! it will be a blast!

just visit and click on chat! it is open to everyone so i hope to see you there!

Make said...


So glad I found your webblog, it really has helped me in a number

of ways.. Thank you for the effort you have put into making this blog so #keyword# I hope you post more details soon!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this will be removed from this site but..

Something had been bothering me since I first heard of EVP.I knew this EVP thing wasn't as new as every web site claimed.In fact EVP has been around since there has been recorded history.Many different religions,countrys & groups of people have played around with it.

Here is a link to a Web site on Demons & talking with the dead.Farther down is a Question "Should I trust information from the dead?" Very interesting views..

Also try a Web search on Necromancy.Lots civilizations of long ago knew about this stuff...

So it's nothing new at all.people just gave it a new name,carry around a tape recorder & are dancing around graveyards without a clue as to what they are doing.

On my web searchs I'm finding a lot of warnings about playing around with EVP.
Everyone from the guy at the In&Out burger joint to GOD says "Danger,don't do it"

Guess we're all smarter than those people of the past & thier fallen civilizations,we have tape recorders & TV sets after all.

Do your research & read !