Monday, January 03, 2005

American Paranormal Pages Blog

Susan Dancy, Editor of American Paranormal Pages
the very popular 'E-zine of American Paranormal Researchers' has joined the world of blogging. Welcome Susan and I hope to quote you quite often!

For those of you not familiar with Susan, this M.E.N.S.A member's interest in the paranormal started at a young age with a near death experience in 1968 causing her to throw out her conventional beliefs and explore the world of the unknown with her unique natural skepticism. Since then she has done much to explore the world of the paranormal and currently serves as editor of the American Paranormal Pages which she founded along with Rachel Britt, a medium and Jennifer Burcham, a videographer and webmaster of their invesigator group website at

American Paranormal Pages is a wonderful online magazine full of great articles and reviews, photos and some very interesting editorials and investigation reports by her and the other members of her team. Featuring superb articles by staff writers Christine Holleyman, Dee Wilson and Mitchel Whitington and expert protection by Rachel's husband and staff bodyguard Scout, this is one ezine you really will want to bookmark.

Welcome to the Blogsphere you guys. Check them out here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great write-up! I'll be out and about in a few old cemeteries this weekend and will see if i can get some EVP to send you.

Just one correction to your write-up about us. Jennifer Brucham is not the web mistress for American Paranorml Pages. She's the web mistress for our group's website at
I do the website for

Love your bog - very informative and well put together.

happy ghost hunting,
Susan Dancy
Editor, American Paranormal Pages

RegManabq said...

Thanks Susan! Got the corrections and we can't wait to hear the amazing EVP you will get this weekend! I hope.