Saturday, January 08, 2005

Why no Trucker CB EVP?

I'm listening to some evp samples and I'll be posting later about a facinating site with a lot of creepy stuff for you to hear. But I had a thought...

I've listened to literally hundreds of samples by now. I'm starting to feel like Raymond from the movie, only with a smaller neck. As I hit one of them tonight I thought to myself "that sounds kind of like a trucker". Then it hit me. I can't believe I'd never thought of this before since skeptics often point to CB's as the cause of EVP.

Why don't we have more samples that sound like truckers?

I used have a CB in my car all the time back in the 80's. My friends and I would play hide and seek using them. Some of us would hide in a certain area in a car and the rest would try to triangulate our position by radioing each other with our signal strength after our broadcast every five minutes until they could figure out where the "mouse" was. It was a great way to spend many an evening and didn't cost us a thing but some gas. Sounds geeky, but it was a lot of fun.

But even as slang talking teenagers it was difficult for us to not use the famous "trucker" voice everyone seems to automatically go into on the CB. You know that twang if you've been around CB's at all. Sometimes it sounds as though everyone is from the south, even if you are in Maine! I spent many nights on the road during the 90's in semi trucks when I was in the music production business. I know what CB talk sounds like both in town and on the road.

Then why do you never hear any EVP say "there's a smokey on your six there big truck?" or "I just blew through the choke and puke at 95 and bears got his ray gun out. Y'all watch yourselves now, hear"?

Why don't most of the EVP sound like CB people do? How many non truckers or radio heads actually own CB's anymore? Can EVP really be CB radios?

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