Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Big Circle - Bridge To The Afterlife

Martha Copeland, AA-EVP member and soon to be author has formed a most interesting group. Called "The Big Circle - Bridge To The Afterlife", these people get together all over the world and record for EVP from their loved ones at the same exact time, every other Thursday at 8pm EST (GMT -5).

The concept is an interesting one. A group of "bereaved parents, spouses, siblings, and friends, whose mission is to build a channel, a Bridge to the Afterlife" so they can contact the specific people they want in the hereafter. They post Bios, photos and stories of their loved ones who have passed on and everyone tries to contact those specific people during each EVP session.

It's not scientific; so don't expect a lot of jargon here. They are strongly centered on the spiritual and grief management aspect of Electronic Voice Phenomenon. But if there is an ”energy" needed or you require a lot of "will" to make EVP possible, these folks are on the right track.

The group was started by Copeland after her daughter Cathy died in a car accident in 2001 and began sending messages to the family, including the dog, over the computer or digital and tape recorders. Her first "I'm still Here!" is the title of Martha's upcoming book about their experiences and those of other members. You can get on her mailing list to be notified when it is published at http://www.evpcommunications.com/ or read about her recordings here.

In Martha's dreams and some of the EVP, it seemed Cathy had "spirit friends" who were helping her. Some EVP researchers have reported similar groups trying to contact the living, some even having formal names like the Spirit Group Timestream. Martha wondered if this was possible. When she asked Cathy the response was: "Yes, the 'Big Circle'" and thus the group was born.

I encourage everyone to listen to their EVP recordings and learn more about this fascinating group of people. Join them if you have Thursdays free and help build a bridge to the afterlife with the Big Circle.

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