Tuesday, December 21, 2004

EVP Samples by Martha Copeland

Martha Copeland's EVP recordings show personalities may make it to the other side completely in tact. Perhaps we don't stop worrying about the living when we go and may even get testy at times once there.

Martha's daughter, Cathy, died as a young woman. One day her dog "Dojo" was accidentally left in the house by himself with a voice activated digital recorder. It seems Dojo was a bad dog and tore up the house while everyone was gone. When they played back the tape, they could hear Cathy saying "Dojo No!".

The questions this sample raises are two fold:

1- Can dogs hear these voices? Either Dojo did not hear Cathy, or he chose not to listen since it seems there is very little she could do in the way of discipline. He may have also heard her and been so excited, he just tore up the house.

2- I'll bet Cathy had said hundreds of times "Dojo No" when she was living. If EVPs are recordings of the past, this could be a sample.

Her next EVP is actually kind of funny. Perhaps even ghosts get testy or decide to be sarcastic.

Martha kept recording the voice of a grumpy old man. She thought it sounded like her grandfather, but was unsure. When she asked "can you tell me the grump's name" during and EVP session, an old voice sarcastically replies "Tell her it's Satan!"

I thought this one might be somewhat scary. But no, it does sound like an old man being sarcastic or encouraging someone else to play a practical joke.

This clip raises the questions: Was grandpa sarcastic like that in life? Could it be from the past and are there other spirits with him encouraging him to joke like a pack of school boys? That's funny.

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