Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Evil voices in my sink?

I think I've been researching EVP a little too much the last few days.

As I was brushing my teeth I began to think of how EVP researchers use running water as a background noise to help the spirits they contact form words when recording these strange voices. I wondered if some ghostly spirit might contact me during my oral hygiene. I thought to myself: I'd be the one to hear "get out".

I ran my tooth brush under the running water and "GET OUT" the water literally spat at me! "GET OUT NOW" it spat again. The water shooting out with each word like the spit from an angry football coach yelling at a referee! I was like a deer in the headlights standing over this angry sink as it took a deep breath and the water almost stopped.

"OUT OUT OUUUT NOWWW" came again the raspy voice-like sound from the faucet as the very pipes rattled the wall.

I jumped back and almost dropped my toothbrush into this obviously not too happy sink!

That figures, the first spirit I contact hates me right off. Where am I supposed to go to the bathroom now?

The running joke around here is that our first time out ghost hunting with a recorder somewhere scary we will hear something say "get out". My friends and I are always whispering in each other's ears or playing jokes on each other with that infamous ghostly phrase. Perhaps a prankster spirit was playing with me instead? Giving me some of my own medicine?

I don't think so. You see, last night the cold water knob on the shower broke. It forced us to turn off the water to the house. I was the first person to run the water in the bathroom and it seems there was some air in the pipes.

Funny how your mind will scare the crap out of you when you least expect it. I think my brain enjoys doing that sometimes. Looking for an adreneline fix, I guess?

If this was my first unaided EVP experience, this spirit has a good sense of humor. Or he's mad and wants me to get out now. I'll try not to think about that last possibility; it's almost nap time!


Anonymous said...

EVP is a very real and everyday occurrence caused by radio waves that are constantly around us, it has nothing to do with dead people contacting us from beyond the grave for example the "Ruth Baxter" has proved this cropping up here there and everywhere.
A tape machine is an electromagnetic device, which will pick up these signals; a pair of speakers attached to you PC especially when the PC is turned off will pick up these same results thus proving a point.

Anonymous said...

so your point is...

that EVP isn't caused by "ghosties"?

Anonymous said...

Can you prove it's radio waves or ghosties? No. No one can.

So instead of telling everyone what is Possible, why don't you try and prove it?

Cell phones and even radio waves could not have caused much of the EVP that has been recorded.

As Regman asked in another post: If it were all radio waves, then why don't EVP sound like truckers or teenagers chatting on cell phones?

Your radio waves just don't add up.

Anonymous said...

I'll say his radio waves don't add up. Radio waves don't converse with you or answer your questions. This radio wave idea was debunked long ago.