Saturday, December 25, 2004

An EVP Christmas Message

Merry Christmas to everyone, Everywhere!

I sincerely hope that you are all enjoying this Christmas day, no matter your beliefs, and find the time to cherish those you love both here and beyond on this special day and every other.

The holidays can be a lonely time for many of us, even those enjoying large family gatherings on this special day. When we finally find the time to all get together, we are reminded of those who have gone before and wish they could be here with us now to enjoy the festivities, see the children grow or all those hundreds of other wishes we all keep close to our hearts.

With so many people thinking of those who are not with us and the fact that many of us will record most of the day in some fashion, I thought there must be a much larger than normal collection of EVP samples taken on holidays such as Christmas. But, if there are, it seems nobody ever reports them!

There is a lively discussion at the Ghost Hounds website on this topic, Where PatrickRsGhost raises the interesting hypothesis:

"I also believe that the reason why the activity tends to be higher around this time, is because during the holidays we tend to recall memories of holidays past, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or any other major holiday dealing with family get-togethers. When we recall these people, it's sort of like saying "hey, we still think about you, come and join in the festivities."

So invite everyone to enjoy in your holiday festivities, no matter where they might come from!

I thought it would be fun to share with you the few Holiday Season EVP I have found in my travels so far. Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!
(But stay away from too much rum punch and eggnog or you might just hear: "that's not aunt Mable's ghost you see, it's just the other two of me!" as you experience your own inebriated christmas 'evp'!)

Our first sample, "I should have seen, I didn't know", comes to us from Susan in Jacksonville Florida who received a new tape recorder on Christmas, 2002. She writes to

"take into consideration that we were not trying to record EVP's at all. After listening to this voice over and over I believe it to be a very dear friend of mine who died suddenly in a motorcycle accident..." Listen to
it at Ghost Tracker / Private Home EVP - JR's Voice
Well, it wouldn't be the paranormal if we didn't have at least one scary example, now would it? This sample was taken in the Old Valpriso Jail Museum on dec 7, 2002 in a room once used as a solitary confinement cell.

ME: "We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you'll wish us one too. Thank-you" Spirit 1: " Thank You" Spirit 2: "SHUT THE HELL UP !

The really strange thing about this one is that every time I open it, no matter how low I put my audio settings in windows or in my audio player, every time it starts over it plays at full blast and almost blows my speakers! Open with care!

A ghostly christmas visitor appears in family photos! A picture on Ghost shows a womans face in a turned off TV screen. The donor writes,
"This picture was taken in 1986 on the night we put up my mother in laws
Christmas tree. Christmas carols played on the stereo all night long and the TV
was never turned on. I didn't notice the face until later when my mother in law
told me she had a picture of a ghost. " Check it out here

And, as always since everywhere this man goes is haunted, Rich Smith of ParaTexas brings us this picture of his yard featuring some friendly ghost

taking the opportunity to wish from all of us in the Southwest:


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Anonymous said...

as lovely a picture as it is, it's smoke being highlighted by the flash on the camera, no ghost. as a smoker and avid photagrapher, i have done this numerous times myself. good try though. :)