Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Karen Mossey EVP Voice Examples

The AA-EVP Voice Examples continue with two from Karen Mossey.

Mossey, as well as many friends and relatives recognize this voice as that of Karen's father. He was a legislator in life and it seems perhaps in death too.

"I love you" is clearly heard and does sound like a man's voice.

"I'm gonna pass a law... to pay you" is not so clear. You can clearly make out the "pass a law" and then "to pay you", but the beginning is not clear to me.

I am curious as to what kind of laws they might have in the after life. What could he be referring to as a "law to pay her", a living person here on earth?

These samples also make me wonder about the EVP theory that what is captured is not spirit in nature, but residual energy from our own pasts. Both of these phrases would have been spoken by him in their home hundreds of time. If this theory holds any water, samples such as this would be expected if recorded there.

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