Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Coffee Pot Ghost

"29% of people recommend KRUPS Crystal Arome Plus Time Coffee Machine"
(presumably, to make coffee with)
Ghosts on the other hand, recommend the KRUPS Crystal Arome Plus Time Machine 10 to 1 over conventional methods of scaring the crap out of people!" Coffee Pot Ghost

Charli thinks her coffee pot is haunted. After hearing her evidence, so do I.

With a nack for finding the funny in the fantastic, is a website full of humor and some pretty interesting EVP samples too.

It seems back in May of 2001 "they" started talking and now a Krups Coffee Pot may be the Earth's preferred method of communication with the other side. Are we going to see infomercials with ghosts advertising Krups coffee pots on TV come January?

There is a lot here on EVP and ton's of recordings. While Charli's design is a little scattered and it's really weird to go from " Grandma got run over by a reindeer " to listening to EVP voices, her content is excellent. Great writing and lot's of wonderful EVP samples.

More on the Coffee Pot Ghost will obviously be forthcoming!

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