Monday, December 20, 2004

Sarah Estep's EVP Recordings

As founder of the AA-EVP, an organization created in the early 1980's dedicated to the study and research of Electronic Voice Phenomenon and the author of the bestselling EVP book 'Voices of Eternity', I have to assume Sarah Estep will have some of the best EVP recordings available and I'm right.

I was disappointed there are so few EVP samples on her website and it seems the six tape audio series she authored is no longer available. Perhaps that will change as interest in this amazing phenomenon grows in the next few months. I'd like to hear it.
See Sarah Estep's EVP recordings page at the AA-EVP

I started with track #32 of the Spirit/Space Tape, Side 1 entitled 'We're down beside ya'.
I picked this particular example because it has to be run backwards to hear. I am always skeptical when listening to backward ran recordings. It's easy to hear things in a voice run backwards. I used to have a blast in school playing with the reel to reel and have heard some of the funniest things doing this. But this recording is different.

It seems Sarah was sitting in her office reading one night when she noticed a black and silver object several feet from her that was spinning a foot off the floor. As is normal in the paranormal, it only lasted for two seconds and she was unable to identify it. When she recorded for EVP the next morning she asked about the strange object. When the tape was played backward they heard a male voice say "We're down beside ya".

Got the creeps yet?

I sure do. The male voice is very clear and articulate and comes well after Sarah's voice in the recording. (Or would that be before her voice since it's run backwards?) It doesn't sound threatening or menacing in any way. Just what you might expect if someone was letting you know where they were.

I have to say I don't have a problem with this sample being played backwards simply because we are not listening to any other voices at the time the EVP comes through. This is obviously a Class A EVP and I am amazed at the clarity and emotion found in the voice.

I quickly move on to Track #20 of the same tape entitled 'Death no more a Casket'. I think the horror fan in me just wants to finally hear something really spooky, but this EVP is anything but spooky. In a sing-songy kind of ghost voice you can hear a man say what does sound like "Death no more a Casket". But I'm not sure about the casket part and if you play it over and over it sounds russian or something. My brain just runs it all together.

Next is track 19 on tape 1, side 2 entitled 'That is your girl'. This EVP is also from a backwards playing of a recording. It does sound like a woman's voice saying "That is your girl". It is very clear and there is little recorded sound around the sample.

The most "heavenly" example of an EVP I've heard yet is track #14 from tape 1 titled 'I found you there'. When Sarah asks "Were you aware that I was on the porch last evening when I went out there?", a singing voice, sounding like a choir of angels, responds "I found you there". Heavenly, but definitely gives you the chills. Very clear and creepy EVP recording.

It seems Sarah Estep is quite talented and skilled at capturing EVP ghost voices. Her samples are clear and she is obviously eminent in her field as a researcher. She also seems to have great luck capturing voices that have to be played backwards to be heard. I bet I'll run into more of her stuff on my Journey and perhaps even get to ask her to tell me some stories herself.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, that would seriously creep me out! I have often wondered what if anything I may find if I tried my own recordings, I have also found some very creepy recordings here