Tuesday, December 21, 2004

EVP Samples from Europe

Tina Laurent's EVP Voice Example asks a question many have wondered for ages. Do spirits pray?

Tina, a long time EVP researcher, experimenter and lecturer who lives in Wales, dared to ask if the spirits pray to God. Using a french radio program for background noise, she could hardly expect the clearly english response "Of course I pray, the very idea".

This EVP is very clear at the begining. I find it interesting how the english words do seem to form from the french sounds in the background. But being unfamiliar with french, I cannot say for sure if these words might naturally form in an english speaker's mind when listening to background voices using sounds found in french or if it a supernatural phenomenon.

I do have to disagree with the interpretation here. I hear more clearly, "what a silly idea" than "the very idea". But if the speaker has an english accent, this might explain it.

Linda Williams of Scottland has captured some interesting EVP with a heavy accent. While her carreer seems to have started battling a "negative entity" she has since captured many interesting recordings. While none of these is very clear to the american ear, I blame much of that on my lack of experience hearing Scottish accents.

"I need a match" is said to be heard in her first sample which she believes is her grandfather who was always without a light. You can clearly hear the word "match" but I can't be sure of the rest. This recording could also be of past events.

Her next examples "I see her" and "good luck" also make me wonder about bands of ghosts traveling together. Could the spirit have been refering to actually seeing Williamson? Then why would she say "I see her" as if talking to yet a third person?

Well, it seems there are a lot of interesting EVPs being captured on the other side of the pond.

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