Monday, December 20, 2004

EVP Ghost Voice Interpretation

In my previous post, The Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Are the EVP Ghost Voices in the White Noise Movie Real or Fake? I found the controversy over the "Ruth Baxter" recording's interpretation to be quite interesting. I expected hollywood to change names and such, but I was pretty sure the voice on the White Noise movie trailer said "I will see you no more" until I heard it while reading the text 'I was seeing the war'. Now I'm not so sure what it says.

I was wondering how seeing text or being told what a poor quality recording of a "ghost voice" is saying might influence what we hear. As I mentioned in Listening to EVP Recordings, I've seen many people argue over what recording artists are singing on their albums. I've even worked concerts where I misunderstood the band and they were right there live, amplified and digitally processed for clarity. Check out the Yahoo misunderstood lyrics page for a million examples. EVP recordings might not be much different. features over 825 submissions from people who hear the Beatles singing different things. In the song Time, by Pink Floyd, I myself thought for years the lyric was 'Taking away the moments that make up a dull day', when in fact, it is actually 'Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day'. Sometimes we might hear what we want to hear, especially when asking a question or longing to speak with a departed loved one.

But, in all fairness, wouldn't a ghost or other entity say things that might be appropriate to an asked question or a particular place or action on the part of the living? It only makes sense that if you are communicating with someone in another dimension via a crude listening device, you may have to infer their meaning based on your familiarity with this person or the conversation's context rather than what you actually hear.

Think of it like this: If you were talking to your significant other on a bad cell phone connection when they asked "did you take the trash out to the dumpster?", I doubt you would take all your cash out to the trash even if that is what you heard you were to do. You would assume she meant the trash because you were talking about the chores you had not done lately and not your huge amount of expendable cash laying around that is taking up too much closet space.

Sprint has made a fortune from the funny cell phone commercials where the people hear things wrong and get saved by the man in black. See their latest commercials.

So, I have to conclude that the question still remains: Are these real voices or just our minds playing tricks with sound and creating what we think we want to hear? Right now it could go either way since misunderstood conversations happen often with the living. I shouldn't expect the dead or multi dimensional to speak any more clearly than we do.

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