Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Spirit Hacking at Para Texas?

"Spirit Hacking" is what one ghost voice called the process of EVP recording when Rich Smith played back a tape of a recent paranormal investigation.

It may not be uncommon for the spirits in the afterlife to move in groups and interact with each other much as you and I do. Rich, an accomplished paranormal researcher and author of "Everywhere I go is Haunted", was attempting to "interview" another spirit regarding a case he was working on when it sounds like a surprised other worldly on-looker could not contain his amazement anymore and blurted out this startling phrase.

Perhaps we shall hear more "Geek speak" from the spirits as more and more of us from the technology age pass on.


Anonymous said...

As even the trapping of EVP are becoming more technological with computer filtering of digital recording, I find myself little surprised at the terms used by the spirits.

If I am ever a ghosts, I swear to speak entirely in haiku to baffle the technophiles.

RegManabq said...

LOL, now there is a great idea!