Saturday, January 08, 2005

Stephanie and her Ghost

Stephanie is 31 and lives with her 14 year old daughter who claimed to see a "shadow man" in their new apartment twice a month, often just standing and staring at Steph as she slept.

Dismissing this as childish fantasy miss Stephanie was surprised when she actually captured the man on film and his voice on tape!

Creepy stuff at her site documenting what she has found at this apartment. Evidentally anyone can bring over any camera they want and capture orbs by the dozen as the CD player or vacuum start up on their own to cover the noise of the TV flying off the entertainment center!

She has some amazing pictures and a great page about her story. But we are here to listen to EVP and she has some scary ones.

"I've got to whisper through the walls" says one mans voice. Is it her neighbors spying on her or an evil spirit explaining his poor state of existence?

"No, see, I'd kill him. I told you. Please believe me" The voice of a ghostly little girl or a misunderstood cell phone transmision? You decide.

"I'm demonic" Is this the voice of the shadow man they see?

Check out Stephanies haunted apartment and listen to all her EVP. She's got quite a story and some pretty scary pictures too!

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Anonymous said...

This is great....I have been trying all along to get people to try and do their own EVP...and here you can see it does work...and you don't have to be psychic either ! Rich