Sunday, January 02, 2005

Lets Talk Paranormal with Tom and Lisa Butler

Long before all the attention from the White Noise movie, Tom and Lisa Butler, electronic voice phenomenon experts and authors of "There is no Death and there are No Dead", appeared on the popular cable tv show "Let's Talk Paranormal" to discuss their experiences and give out some valuable EVP recording tips.

When host Tracie Austin asked what someone at home wishing to try EVP would do to get started, Lisa gives the lowdown on how to capture your own ghost voices.

"Use whatever recording equipment you have." Any tape or digital recorder and even computers will work. Someone just starting out need not spend any money on fancy equipment until they know they will enjoy their new found hobby.

Lisa shared the story of a novice named Carol who decided to try EVP for the first time while finishing up an exercise routine. She used her Walkman and the backside of her exercise tape to record a spooky voice as it exclaims "Carol"!

Next you start recording and simply ask a question, then wait for a reply with a few moments of silence. While it sounds too simple to be true, the Butler's say this is often all that is needed to hear what the spirits are saying.

Tom Butler then explained about IC or Digital Voice Recorders and how they have revolutionized the ghost hunting world by making evp recording cheaper, faster and more portable than ever before. With no tapes to worry about, these modern recording miracles also add the ability to quickly upload your suspected spirit voices to a computer or other electronic storage device making analysis and sharing with others a snap.

While warning that all EVP samples are not as clear, Tom and Lisa played the famous "I was seeing the War" recording taken by Sarah Estep which is currently featured in the White Noise movie trailers as the voice of departed Ruth Baxter. The debate over what this strange voice actually says is sure to heat up as millions of movie goes swear they can hear "I shall see you no more" as was spelled out in giant letters on the screen. (more on the White Noise movie controversy)

Finally Tracie Austin asks the question evp researchers always dread: "Do you ever get weird sensations in the room?" Laughing nervously, Lisa admits she is glad she can't hear some of the ghostly voices as they are being recorded. She explains "sometimes they tell you to get out"!

Check out the video clip of the interview and hear it all for yourself when you View the show on Let's Talk Paranormal

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