Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sooner Corral EVP

G.H.O.U.L.I EVP GALLERY- Sooner corral

This is not really an EVP, but rather an SSP (spontaneous Sound Phenomenon) but it sure is interesting.

Two investigators from the Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Investigations captured this amazing recording while conducting an investigation.

Russ, the guy running the recording equipment at the time, is very skeptical and didn't buy this right off. So, he asked the "spirit" who was tapping on the microphone to tap three times in a row.

As his partner exclaims that he can see indentions forming in the carpet as if some unseen person was walking across it, Russ records an amazing three taps on the mic which repeated three times, just as he had asked!

Great stuff, this! And a good lesson too. IF you get an EVP, ask the spirits to do something particular, something that will let you know some unseen force is responding to you.

Great EVP from the find folks at GHOULI! Check out the Sooner Corral EVP for yourself here.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I told you I would post! Wow, you have been busy!!!

Great job! I will get you linked on my website, is that okay?

Tonya aka GHOULI

RegManabq said...

Of course you can link to us! I encourage everyone to link or even use our RSS feed on your own websites.

I'm not here to whine about copyrights! I'm just here to share my knowledge and thoughts on the subject.

All webmasters may link at will!