Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mellliiissaaa JR?

Brooklyn Lancaster, young friend of Mellisa from EVPVOICES.COM has set up her own EVP site to share this phenomenon with younger people. She recently left some nice comments here and I thought I'd begin my return by checking out this new site!

I do have to say I really hate music on a website, especially MIDI tunes. Often times I have other sound stuff running and it just gets in the way or becomes annoying and would often crash my old system when I was watching TV or listening to the radio and analyzing an EVP which is hard enough on a sound card, and then BAM some musical website comes along and demands the sound cards full attention! Some people like it, I'm just not one of them, unless it specifically has to do with the site or is integrated into the design, then it's not so bad.

I was dissapointed she had not put evp as the background, that would be creepy!

But she had the theme from TITANIC going, so it's not too bad at all cause I'm a sucker for that song. I have to admit to letting it run the other night as background music while i worked!

Brooklyn starts out with
EVPs are important to our environment by helping us in whole different ways, by showing us that there is life after death. You can tell that there is life after death by listening to these EVPs of ours from many different places. EVP has helped me by thinking that there is life after death and knowing that you move on after you die.
and that's something I've discussed at great length here. Why don't people want to prove EVP for sure? IT could prove life after death, alternate dimensions or even time travel yet people either don't want to talk about it or just say it's all "crazy talk". What are people afraid of?


This is a great one! Guy asks if anyone is there and what sounds to me like an old woman says "who want's to know" then a long pause and "get out". Not scary, just like an old woman bothered by someone she doesn't know.

Unfortunately, many of her EVP are "enhanced" with digital processing and very hard to hear or uncomfortable to listen to. It's not her fault, just a side effect of the digital processing software. Good stuff costs thousands of dollars, so many EVP is processed using inexpensive or free software. I just can't listen to those. They never ring true to me and I can't put stock in something already altered.

"Play me that Tape", One of my all time favs is here, but it's processed and is not, in my opinion, as spectactular as the original at Melissa and her friend were out one night recording EVP when they recorded what sounds to be a man saying "play me that tape" and sounding rather surprised at finding his own voice on it!

"Leave me Alone" will give you chills. It sounds like the girls were not being all that serious one night and were joking about how the spirit died. So the lady tells them "Leave me alone" in the hollywood trademark spooky voice.

Check out "EVP VOICES JR" and you won't be disappointed in what this young lady has to say!


malissa_456 said...

This is Melissa from I appreciate you writing about Brooklyn and our websites, and I love to share the EVPs we have collected, but next time you want to post our EVPs on your website you need to write us and ASK to do it. These EVPs are copyright and we specifically say all rights reserved. I love to share them, just ask first next time.

RegManabq said...

Melissa is absolutely right. When I reference an EVP, I link to the site that has it for download, both so you can hear it and so you can explore these wonderful sites.

On this post, it seems I screwed up and two of the links linked directly to the EVP sound files.

MY BAD, won't happen again!