Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Return of Regman

Hey everyone! Well, as you can tell I've not been keeping up with this blog. It's a long story but for the last few months I just have not had the time or connectivity to pursue my EVP interests.

But that's somewhat changed now! I'm still very busy, but with my new super high speed connection and more stable living arrangement, I now can find the few moments it takes to visit all the great EVP sites out there and contemplate the meaning of it all.

I've been getting great comments and feedback and I wanted to thank everyone who contributed. I have to admit that I am surprised how kind everyone has been even if they don't agree with me and I have to thank everyone in the EVP world who has been so welcoming to my constant questions and inquiry. Those who have visited have had nice things to say and I appreciate hearing from anyone who has actual experience with this strange phenomenon. Thanks for your support!

I always intendend for this blog to be a discussion of EVP and stories about people's experiences, so I urge everyone to comment on the pages as you read them and let us all know what you think. But, please, keep the name calling and the "it's all just evil but I can't explain why"'s at a minimum, ok?

All comments are welcome, but please be constructive when you contribute your own thoughts. No one can learn from you if you just put them down and don't communicate.


NOW, on to some EVP!

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