Thursday, February 10, 2005

Yuman's do EVP

The Yuma Sun has a report today about their local ghost hunter Don Swain and the increase in his calls about EVP since the White Noise movie came out.

Swain is quoted as saying ""Right as soon as that movie came out, I had four of those calls, because of 'White Noise' everyone's watching the static on their TVs and seeing demons."

But it does seem that Yuma has more than it's fair share of ghosts talking via EVP. With their long 'old west' history, Swain says the hot spots for EVP are on Prison Hill, Old Town and the old cemetery off First Avenue.

"I even had two spirits talking to each other at the old Conner House. A female voice said 'Where are you?' and then you hear a male voice say 'I'm here. Speak to me.’ ” says Swain.

Tom and Lisa Butler of the AAEVP also report a great interest in EVP since the movie. On opening day of the movie, their website got over 88,000 hits and Universal had to mirror them to keep up with the demand.

The exposure has done a lot of good for the EVP community though. Lisa Butler says: "One great thing is that the movie has given us the chance to set the record straight. Even though it shows EVPs as scary, it's still getting the word to the public about this phenomena."

But shouldn't people be scared? Isn't there a chance some evil being might come through? "Listen, I'm much more scared about getting mugged by a human than a dead person." says Butler.

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jackhirah said...

I have always wanted to try evp after my mom passed away in dec but after seeing the movie i feel scared to try, can the evil really come and treaten u?