Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Radio Transmissions or Cell Phones can cause EVP?

Since day one, I've wondered if many potential EVP recordings are really radio transmissions, CB radio or cell phone broadcasts that the recorder picks up. I've seen it happen many times in all types of sound systems. My friends and I used to be plagued by a guy with a booster on his CB that would come through your radio, TV, even the answering machine.

I was glad to find there is a lively discussion over at the TAPS paranormal discussion board about this very topic. But it seems they have not really discovered any "new evidence" and one must still judge each EVP on it's own merits.

EVP can be cell phone or radio transmissions:

Cell phone and radio transmissions can be picked up by ordinary tape recorders if you set them up in the right way and under the right circumstances.

One poster at TAPS suggested sticking a recorder in a can and recording like she did. It even spied on their neighbor 6 doors down and across the street selling phone sex! Wow, what a great ghost website EVP that would be! Glad she nailed that down before we thought it might be real.

Electronic recording devices are able to pick up radio transmissions including the millions of phone calls, radio shows and other noise that constitutes our earthly airwaves. Some evp samples do end up being attributed to this fact and many more may in the future.

How do you explain the clarity?

But what about those EVP that are so clear? If my cell phone were ever that clear I'd faint! (Yes, I had Sprint. You could hear a pin drop but you never heard your dropped call end and I stood there talking to my hand one too many times and got rid of the stupid thing all together. I've never been happier; particularly now that I know people with a tape recorder and a can will be spying on me!)

Even the most hardened skeptic must admit much of the Class A EVP samples available are too clear and too precise to be radio or cell transmissions.

Besides, these voices talk back to you

The other argument is that some of these recordings actually respond to what the interviewer is saying. There are many samples of entire conversations. I found some in past posts. How could these be radio shows or cell phone conversations and give logical answers?

Now that's the million dollar EVP question, isn't it?

Check out the discussion and learn even more at The Atlantic Paranormal Society's EVP Discussion:

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