Monday, December 27, 2004

Best EVP Recording Ever?

G.O.U.L.I - Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Legend Investigations says they have the "best damn EVP ever". Well you just know I have to check this out!

It seems there once was a man who started a trucking company. He worked day and night at his business and it became very successful. But he was a workaholic who eventually had a heart attack and died right there in the building while conducting his business.

This man also had one pet peeve: Smoking. He hated the smell of cigarette smoke and loudly cursed smokers for the foul stench they created. The strange thing is that people keep smelling his most hated aroma in an office of the building far away from any outside smoking areas.

Tammy O, a member of GHOULI, visited this building to try and determine if it really was haunted by the cigarette hating founder. From the evidence she collected, it seems he is still there, watching over his beloved business and chasing away the foul stench of unseen smoking cigarettes.

Listen to this EVP and you will actually hear the voice of a man who sounds like he is standing in front of the microphone cursing "God Dammed Cigarette smoken" as soon as the investigators notice the mysterious ghostly smell!

This just might be the best damn EVP ever!

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Anonymous said...

I had something happen about 2 years ago, before I had ever heard of an EVP. We got one of our kids a tiny, keychain-sized digital recorder on clearance after Christmas. At one point, I recorded them as they were having a tickling fight of sorts. When I played back the 10-second recording, we were all amused to hear their rambunctious giggling. However, our amusement quickly faded when we suddenly heard a voice break in the midst of the roughhousing and ask, quite clearly, "Hello? Hello?". The creepiest part of this, for me, was that the voice sounded exactly like my own voice had sounded as a teenager. The voice was not that of either of my children, and in fact, you could continue to hear them both at the same time this other voice had spoken. I was the only other person in the room at the time. I don't know what this means, and have continued to be especially perplexed by the fact that this voice seemed to sound just like my own had in the past. I have wondered if, in some way, I am haunted by a former version of myself - ? Or could it have been the future voice of one of my children, who when older, might someday sound like I had as a teen? Or, could it have been one of my long-lost siblings who my mother failed to carry to term? I can't help but ponder these possibilities!