Friday, December 31, 2004

White Noise Movie Review by Chris

Well, I just got the first review of the new Michael Keaton movie White Noise from a visitor named Chris after seeing a sneak preview and it doesn't look good.

A TV commercial for White Noise is what got me interested in EVP in the first place and I doubt I'm alone just from the amount of you searching for "Ruth Baxter" in the last few days. I'm sure many of you are here now because of the same spark of interest when you saw the commercial for the first time. I'm sorry to report, it seems the trailer may be better than the movie.

Chris' review did not surprise me. I fully expect White Noise to be a "boogy man" type movie, after all it's Hollywood making movies for the modern audience and recording scary voices will only go so far. In their defense, it is a film and you do need some visual action to scare people. We have become so accustomed to things jumping out at us, that it's almost required in any thriller now days. Perhaps sad, but very true. This is no documentary after all.

Would you sit for two hours watching a guy talk to himself and then listen to hours of recordings over and over again in the hopes of capturing a voice? No, just like we won't watch cops sitting in a car eating donuts and coffee on stakeout. We want ACTION for our overpriced movie ticket!

The reality of EVP research seems actually a lot like that of real life police work: 99% BORING and 1% HOLY CRAP! I expect little in the way of actual facts and science. But the White Noise producers have been working closely with the AA-EVP, a recognized authority on the subject, so there is hope that it will be somewhat accurate in it's presentation of this as a seriously studied phenomenon.

However, Chris reports the movie is not quite what he expected, even as a skeptic. Here is what he had to say:

"Although I enjoyed your site, I disagree with your views on EVP. After viewing the movie White Noise in a sneak preview, I was ready to walk out.

It started out being a movie on EVP and ended up being a movie about unearthly beings that didn't even seem/look/act like ghosts. I was very discouraged and disappointed and I think anyone that sees this movie should realize it's not all about EVP or anything close. Basically Michael Keaton goes nuts using the ITC thing (which I don't buy anyway) and a "Poltergeist ~ "they're heeerreeee" TV look into the TV thing.

Very, VERY disappointing. I thought it would be a good movie on EVP like "The Others" was to ghosts."

Well, there you have it. Don't forget you heard it here first! The first review of the White Noise Movie: thumbs wayyy down.

Thanks for the feedback Chris!

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Ethereal Darkness said...

I am very interested in EVP's. I'm even in the process of starting my own paranormal society. You said that in the movie they EVPs turn out to be some unearthly beings. How do we know that EVP's aren't unearthly beings? Why do they have to be dead people? They could be anything or even a mix of both. Sometimes in hauntings the place is haunted by something besides a human entity so why can't they make EVPs too?

RegManabq said...

Great point. While we do tend to use the word "ghosts" a lot with EVP, I've seen nothing to prove it either way. I'm still interested in the whole "time shift" or "residual energy from the past" theories.

Both are plausable as well as ghosts. Who knows? Let's find out!