Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dec 26 Tsunamis Disaster in Asia

As the waves crashed over what at first looked to be a large concrete barrier near the beach, I realized that it was a two story building being engulfed that filled my TV screen. The full power of the ocean was summoned on Dec 26 by an unexpected earthquake off the coast of southeast asia and the resulting devastation will resonate through both this reality and the next for a long time to come.

While I never trust initial estimates, the death toll estimates are too staggering to believe. 100,000 presumed dead. That's a lot of people folks. All wiped out in an instant without any warning by a terribly powerful act of nature no one could do anything to stop.

I want to take this morning to stop myself for a few moments and realize this could all go any minute now. Poof! Hear the Regman on your IC recorders only from now on.

I know there are many among us, both in the here and in the here-after who are still reeling from this sudden tragedy. I would be scared if suddenly thrust into either situation and the living need food, water, medical attention and shelter now. It simply is not available anywhere in the region. The dead need burying and for those of you so inclined, perhaps a little guidance and explanation would be in order right about now for any of the lost who may be confused and shocked.
If we all work together we can help them all get through this. They need us or more will die.

I hope each of you can find the spare change and the spare time to donate what you can to the Red Cross and their relief efforts, or any other charity of your choice that is mobilizing to help. There is a long list of very brave souls and their organizations standing by to rush to the aid. You won't have to look far to donate somewhere. Please do what you can.

I'm including this donation box and encourage you all to please let me know if there are any others I can post here. Rest assured, I get nothing from this and neither does anyone else but the Red Cross.

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Please help. And give those you love a hug or two as well.

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