Thursday, December 30, 2004

EVP is Real says Dwayne Claud

I was wondering if the new movie would generate real interest in the press about EVP or just more laughing and no real stories other than "look at these fools" like you normally might see the paranormal being treated. Perhaps we may see some more serious reporting of the scientific findings of researchers now?

PRESS RELEASE: Electronic Voice Phenomenon Is Real

“Electronic Voice Phenomenon has gained notoriety in the media recently with the release of Michael Keaton’s movie White Noise’”, states Dwayne Claud, Director of WNY Paranormal.

(PRWEB) December 27, 2004 -- “Electronic Voice Phenomenon has gained notoriety in the media recently with the release of Michael Keaton’s movie White Noise’”, states Dwayne Claud, Director of WNY Paranormal. Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the process through which researchers have been able to capture unexplainable voices or sounds on a recording device. According to Claud, “this isn’t fiction, recordings like this happen all the time – even locally.”

In the movie “White Noise”, Michael Keaton plays an architect whose life has been shattered by the unexplained disappearance and death of his wife. Keaton is contacted by a man who claims to be receiving messages from the dead wife through Electronic Voice Phenomenon, the process of recording a spirit’s voice. “Although the plot of the movie may be far fetched, the concept demonstrated in the movie of capturing unexplained voices on a recording device is not” states Claud.

The credit for discovering this phenomenon goes to Fredrick Jorgensen. Jorgensen was recording bird sounds in the Swedish countryside in 1959. It wasn’t until he played back his recording from that day that he heard the voice of a man discussing nocturnal bird songs in Norwegian. “It has since become a very important tool in the study of paranormal phenomenon, and is one of the most difficult forms of evidence to disprove” explains Claud.

The process by which someone can record an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is quite simple. It requires an audio recording device, preferably that uses a standard analog tape, an external microphone, headphones, and access to someplace where the investigator feels spirit activity may be present such as an older home or building, cemetery, or even a public historical site. It’s important to go with an open mind, and ask a series of questions pausing between each for a response. By using the external microphone you eliminate any motor noise from the recorder that you are using but still maintain the “white noise” generated by the tape itself. “You won’t hear anything while you’re recording at the location, but when you listen back in your headphones – you’ll be very surprised” expresses Claud. The voices that appear on the magnetic tape are often recorded well above or below the human hearing frequency – but are still in the recordable range.

“You won’t get something every time, so persistence is important” urges Claud. He records in ten minute segments and then listens to the recordings carefully through a set of headphone turned to a high, comfortable volume. He explains that it’s important to listen to the background for responses to the questions asked. Often times, it will be simple words that are spoken quickly or that sound strained - but sometimes they will sound like someone speaking directly into the microphone.

“Don’t expect long conversations. Often it’s simple answers to questions because it takes so much energy for these entities to verbalize a response” explains Claud. Many movies are based in reality and “White Noise” is one of those movies. To hear actual EVP’s and learn more about recording and the analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) visit .

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