Thursday, December 30, 2004

Adolf Hitler on an EVP recording?

Perhaps Hitler did get his just desserts in the after life if a reported EVP from new year's eve 1960 in chapter 11 of "Voice Transmissions With The Deceased" is true. Author Friedrich Juergenson, reports a remarkable electronic voice phenomenon encounter with the infamous dictator where a polish jew woman is heard making fun of him!

“We lived in the deepest confusion…” began the voice in German, “…to oppress the people and to enslave them…the others withdrew, not me… that’s why I’m…” The words that followed were drowned out by our own voices. After a short pause, the man began to speak again. He added only one more sentence with a strange content, “We lived in a bad compote (fruit stew)”, then the voice broke off.

Right after that, the female voice that had said ”Federici is so sweet” became audible and called out mockingly a stretched “Heil!” In the next moment she added excitedly: “…that was Hitler…he’s not ashamed…he was here…” Though the woman spoke German, you could clearly recognize a Jewish accent, particularly that of a polish Jew. Again her voice sounded, this was right before the tape came to an end: “That was Hitler…he sees you!” She called out loud and exited, then added with a change in her tone of voice, embarrassed: “I tell Hitler…he loves me!”

Perhaps his suicide didn't free him from the mocking after all!

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Anonymous said...

I have been interested in the EVP recording purporting to be Hitler for some time. If Hitler is able to communicate via EVP as well, apparently, as other "dead" people, then what is the nature of the next world?, if Hitler is still acting as his own chief apologist and is advising researchers to honour him from beyond the grave, then with whom, or with what, are we in contact? I have listened to many EVP recordings the majority of which appear to be from either frightened or sinister entities, and very few of which seem to have positive messages of love and hope for us from beyond the veil. Is it possible that like attracts like and perhaps those entities on the lower vibrations which are closer to our own are able to come through most readily, whilst those higher up the frequencies find it much harder to slow themselves down enough to contact us, if indeed they would want to?

Just a thought. Oh and by the way Hitler... F**CK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I too have noticed that, rather worryingly, EVP voices are often abusive,terrified or sinister sounding.

If Hitler is indeed lurking around "over there" apparently enjoying jokes with the recordists rather than slowly roasting in Hell then one wonders about the nature of the afterlife.

Someone once explained to me that the levels closest to our own,where EVP is possible for them, require the spirits on a higher vibration to slow down which requires great effort on their part..rather like having to dive to a great depth in the ocean to speak to us which does tend to explain why invariably the messages are so brief..if this is the case then surely we are always going to get is entities that we really wouldn't like to meet in life in a far greater proportion than those who may haver messages of hope for us rather than "P*ss off"