Friday, December 31, 2004

After Death Communication Star's EVP

After death communication comes in many other forms than just EVP. Some see faces on their TV, others see apparitions and yet a few more actually get written messages from the dead. But how does one report such an experience without sounding crazy? Wouldn't it be nice if we could see all the experiences people have had on one simple to search website?

The After Death Communication Research Foundation is an organization founded by Jody Long J.D and Jeffrey Long M.D. dedicated to the study and reporting of all kinds of ADC or After Death Communication experiences. On their website they have a report form where you can document your own ADC experiences with many detailed questions. They now have thousands of reports online.

This is a valuable resource for those studying the paranormal and also for those who have just lost a loved one and might want to learn more about the grieving process and have their questions about life after death answered. Visit them at

I suggest checking out Star's EVP experience with her son Brad. After his death, Star had a dream where a woman sat on her bed and explained she was Brad's wife. The next day she was talking to Brad while driving and asked him if this was true or if perhaps the devil was playing games with here.

Upon returning home she discovered a phone message waiting on her answering machine. It was Brad. He said "Must be true". Over the next few weeks she captured many EVP recordings of her son. Read about them all now at Star's EVP After Death Communication

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