Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Other Side - EVPVOICES.COM - EVP Recordings

On my next stop, evpvoices.com. I'm warmly welcomed by our friendly host Melissa who introduces me to her band of ghost hunters: Mandy, Charlotte, Greg and Heather who all hail from Missouri and have been researching the Electronic Voice Phenomenon for a few years now.
Boy, let me tell you, have they got some great EVP recording samples to share with us.

My favorite is the one where Melissa is teased by some motherly sounding ghost as she complains about her loud neighbors upstairs. The ghost whispers "Melissaaa" and a little girl there mimics the voice exactly seconds later as she pronounces: "Mellissaaa! I'm freaked out!"
Check out Mellissaaa for yourself

Ever hear a Marine sound off? It's the same with all of them, that distinct cadence and tone as they announce their rank and name to a superior. Only a true Marine can sound off like that.

Want to hear the ghost of a fallen soldier sound off when asked his name in a northern Missouri cemetery? This one is clear as a bell and gave me the chills.
Check out ""Marine Corps Staff Sergeant"

Imagine recording in a local cemetery and later hearing on the tape the name of a friend of yours at work! Upon asking your friend about the cemetery, she tells you she knows two little girls who lie buried there. This one is creepy too!
Hear the "Nancy Beagul" EVP

This one makes me laugh. My friend can't hear it, but if you listen as Greg inquires about why a rock is black, you can hear a smart ass ghost tell him "It's painted". Silly living people.
Check out the sarcastic ghost

After more than a few unsuccessful tries at EVP, the girls were astonished to hear "I am Talking. I'm saying Uncle Roger!" on a recording of them begging for someone to please come through!
See if you hear uncle Roger's ghost getting frustrated

And finally, imagine how surprised ghosts from the past must be when they learn for the first time that the living can record them. Listen as this surprised entity announces ""Play Me That Tape" as the girls are recording in a cemetery.
Play the tape yourself and decide

What a great bunch of very clear EVP. They have some that are not so clear, of course, but these are all pretty good examples. I do have to admit the little girl on the Mellissaaa sample doesn't really sound that freaked out to me, but children often don't when they say they are, so I don't know. There is not enough of the conversation after the evp on the tape to hear what happens next.

But all 5 pages of their samples are great and each comes with a fascinating story to go with it. It's definitely worth your time to check out evpvoices.com.

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