Saturday, December 18, 2004

What is EVP?

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is when you record mysterious voices from people not present at the time, yet appear when played back later. EVP recordings are usually made on regular digital voice or tape recorders and can range from very faint fluctuations in backgroud noise to clearly defined words and sentences. The amazing thing is, these voices can answer questions and might even make fun of you!

The EVP phenomenon began as modern electronic recording devices became popular. People around the world reported hearing strange, ghostly voices in the background of their tape recordings. Easily dismissed as interference or imagination by most, a small but dedicated band of researchers have been investigating for over 20 years with some fascinating findings.

Using simple tape recorders or IC voice memo recorders, EVP researchers have made startling recordings of ghost voices that respond to their questions, tease them or give advice. Some have even captured conversations between unseen entities who seemed unaware they were being taped.

Imagine taping yourself asking for the names of who is here in a deserted Gettysburg cemetery and hearing five different voices sound off with "That'll be Tim, George Pickett, Elizabeth, Bobby Olson, Un- Huh, ...B. Olson." when you play the tape back!
listen to "Spanglers Names" for yourself

How does it work? Truth is, no one knows. Some think these are communications with spirits while others believe we simply capture residual psychic energy and record events that have occurred in the past. Another theory is that a persons consciousness can hang around for years after death and EVPs are recording those energies.

Of course there are those who say it's all imagination or subtle suggestion. While detailed research is ongoing, there simply is not enough data to make an educated guess or provide any firm scientific proof at this point.

The upcoming hollywood movie "White Noise" is anticipated to bring broader awareness and increased experimentation in EVP during the next few months. The EVP community anticipates a massive influx of samples and experimentation as more and more people try their hand at contacting the dead with this easy to use technique.

But beware! This is not for the faint of heart, those with mental illness or the easily creeped out. You may actually hear some very disturbing things that may change the way you view reality and the after life.

Be warned, be skeptical and most importantly remain open minded. This could be an earth shattering discovery that will forever change humanity and finally prove life after death; or it might just be a fun parlor trick.

Let's find out, shall we?


june said...

I've recently received two unexplainable messages on my cell phone and I wonder if these would also be considered evp? Here's some background: my dad passed on last November and I feel these messages may be from him. The first was a phone call and message dialed from my eldest sister's phone, upon returning her call she informed me she had not made the call...she was at a relatives yard sale and her phone was on a table outdoors. The message recorded was the conversations of those at the yard sale, but also over their voices was a very distinct staticky voice, I could determine syllables but could not understand the words.This lasted 3-4 minutes before disconnecting.I saved this recording on my phone for a few weeks ,then finally erased it as I had to listen to it before any other message could be received. When I did delete it, I voiced to my dad to call back if it was him. Today ( about 3 weeks later) my phone rang again while I was at work, I couldn't answer in time so I listened to the message again originating from the same sister's phone. This was much shorter and was only a lone staticky woice but I can't make out the words. ??? can anyone point me to someone who might help me decipher the message? Again I called my sister and she did not make that call herself, her phone was in her purse.I feel my dad id trying to tell us something and would appreciate any help you might offer. Thanks.June

RegManabq said...

June, can you send the recording via email? If you can, I'll be more than glad to post it here and elsewhere to see if we can figure out what your dad may be saying!

Anonymous said...

I became interested in catching E.V.P. on tape over a year ago.I have captured many many stange voices on hundreds of tapings mostly in closed graveyards when it is quiet with no one around.I can say I am convinced that this is real and not pure imagination,radio waves,cell phones and so on.The voices answer questions make comments and more on what you are doing.They are always short and quiet in nature.The only thing that bothers me is I get a lot of HELP ME!This is always different sounding voices.I have got more help me! than any other evp"s This has me concerned

Anonymous said...

I also have a similar story to share like June. My aunt passed away November 14, 2006 and two days ago my cell phone had 20 urgent text messages with my Dad's telephone number on it. My brother had the same thing happen to him one day before me and when our family talked we found out that my Mom's cousin had the same text messges as well. Come to find out this November 2007 is the anniversary of my aunts death. We all got those strange urgent text messages two days before her death anniversary. The text messages went like this: 100000000, 100000000, 100000000, 100000000,...and so on. We all got more than 5 or more in a row every minute. I think this is my aunt coming through to make sure we did not forget her as most of us had. She was very good about sending x-mas cards and birthday cards to everyone and anyone. This is our time to remember her, always! Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Barbara from Orange County California. 11/13/07

Anonymous said...

you can help those spirits who are asking for help by giving food to a poor and hungry person and saying to be for the soul of that deceased person that is asking for help - usually you must say the name when you give food {usually bread}.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever tried what they did in the Movie "White Noise?" like are there people who do that to help people contact the dead? if so, how would you find these people? I am very interested in EVP - as my mother passed away 4 years ago, she fought the death hard as she could, but lost the battle. Few days after my Mother's death, I was staying with my sister for a few days after her funeral, (my sister lives in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, I live in Prince George BC, Canada) we were so exhausted, the grief of lossing our mother, we had been seperated from her half our lives, and had only a short time in her life before she passed away, but we finally had fallen asleep on my sister's big couch, a sectional, we were watching videos of my mother when we fell asleep, well we were awaken by a loud but unclear voice, the tv had gone to the blue screen as the DVD player ended the video, bu again we were awaken right out of our sleep with this voice, sounded like hers, but I am not sure, my sister was convinced it was her, not sure what I really heard, gave me chills like I have never heard before,
My sister to is also interested in the EVP, so is there people who assist people in contacting the dead like the movie? sounds silly of a request I am sure, just curious.
I really find your info here very informative and interesting, I like your site here,
I have one more question for please have a open mind....when my mother passed away, we creamated her, and I have some of her ashes, and my sister, and my step father, who was with my mother for many years. I have my mother's ashes in a beautiful Earn she requested, I have her ashes placed on a beautiful shelf in my closet, with her pictures, anyways, when I got back home after her funeral, I put her in her reserved place, that night, my mind must have been playing with me, missing her so much, grieving her, we have room sensors in the corner of my bedrooom, part of our home security, and the only way it goes off is if someone is walking infront of it, well I woke up because it got so dang cold in the room, and saw our sensor going off like crazy, flashing, did not think anything of it, then something woke me up, and I saw a faint image of my mother in my room, i sat up and she was gone, not sure if I was dreaming of her or not to this day, having her ashes would that keep her here?

Anonymous said...

I really find your site here very informative and interesting. I am interested in EVP - and yes saw the movie "White Noise" it gives me chills every time I see it, and really gets me.
I have a question, that might be totally silly I am sure, but are there people who perform services like they do in the movie? assist people to contact people on the other side? there is a reason why I am asking......
My Mother passed away 4 years ago now, and have always wondered if I could reach her in this way,
backing up a little, what brought me to this interest....
My Mother lived in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, she fought her death to the end, she died of heart problems, but she did not want to die, she fought it, but lost to the battle. Two days after her funeral, I was staying with my sister, she lives in Crofton BC Canada ( 45 minutes from Nanaimo) we were exhausted, had no slept much in the two days, my sister and I were seperated from my mother for 18 years, so when we found her, and contact with her it was for a short time before she passed, so it was a hard blow on us, and we have never gotten over it. My mother was creamated, my sister and I have some of her ashes. When we finally broke and slept, two days again after her funeral, we had been watching movies of our mother on my sister's DVD player, we fell asleep on my sister's sectional couch, she was at one end and me on the other, when we fell asleep the DVD of my mother had stopped, and was on a blue screen on the tv, well we were awakened right out of sleep with a loud, muffled voice, woke us right up out of our sleep, my sister says it was our mother's voice, I am to this day not sure what it was, scared the hell right out of me!
after spending the week with my sister, I got back home, I had placed my mother's ashes in her beautiful ern on my shelf with her pictures and other things, my mind must have been playing with me, in the room we have motion senors, part of our home security, and well being a motion sensor the only way it goes off, well mtion. It was very early in the AM, something woke me up, it was so cold, but I looked at the motion senor and it was going off like crazy, and I saw a very faint image of my mother in the room, now i am not sure if i was dreaming this or awake to this day, my mind playing with me? my husband saw the motion senor going off, but did nt see the image hesays, so with me having her ashes, would this keep her here? sounds like a silly question, but after 4 years of her gone, thses strange kind of thing have been happening now and then, and not sure if i am seeing and feeling them for real or not, confused, or if anyone else has experienced this?

RegManabq said...

Sassy, just google for "evp expert" or "ghost hunter" or "ghost investigator" (yes, i know, some of us don't like those terms, but hey, it's how google finds us)

Or take a look / listen over at

If anyone knows, Todd does!!! and good luck.

Anonymous said...

The point of the white noise movie seemed , to me anyway, to be not to use evp on account of demons using electronic energy to channel though to our world. I love horror movies but this was the only one to ever scare me. Seriously made me unplug everything after dark for a On a more serious note I have a few mental faults that make me sensitive to disillusioned beliefs. And recently I have noticed four faces on the new screen door. Since they've showed up I've been having nightmares and wakeup screaming an hour after I fall asleep each night. My mother and both brothers all have the nightmare screaming thing from time to time ( we all live in separate homes) and my mother's are constant. An hour after she falls asleep as well. We have no shared trauma which would cause it. And this is the first time in years I've had it and have been hearing distorted screams from background noises. I'm not a schizoid. And I share the noise thing with no one for fear of such ridicule. Think I should worry? Or anything I could do to stop it?