Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Supernatural World :: Electronic Voice Phenomena

Over in the UK at The Supernatural World :: Electronic Voice Phenomena, they have a page on EVP with a couple of interesting samples.

Most of these samples cannot be made out, so I can't put any credence in them. But let's see if you hear the same things I do in these two:

"Touch me"
During a seance participants thought to tape the event and wondered if the recording would pick up the bubbling of their cokes. What it picked up was more than bubbles. When playing it back they heard this clear voice say "touch me". Is that what you hear?

What's her name?
Then they have an interesting sample from the Pollard Theatre "in America" and I'm assuming it's the famous playhouse in Guthrie Oklahoma. I hear a woman saying her name. Can you tell me what her name might be? I wonder if we all hear it too. Don't click on the comments until after you listen to Theatre EVP 1.

Then tell everyone what you hear and read the comments to see if we all agree. Sound like a fun experiment? I hope you will join along.

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