Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Haunted Voices - Crawford Co EVP

I've been busy the last couple of days and found little time for EVP listening. Today I'm back under my headsets and have some great things for you to hear.

The folks over at Haunted Voices have some very clear EVP recordings and a whole lot of info on EVP. Check out Haunted Voices - EVP.

All the EVP they have on this "Haunted Crawford Co" page are very clear and very creepy.

"Protect the cemetery"
The ghostly sentry alerting the cemetery SWAT team to respond to the intrusion of these ghost hunters?

"We'll come out for you"
More of these strange guardians of the dead trying to give them a warning?

"Get out of here!" "GO"
Perhaps these spirit protectors decided enough is enough and it's time for these paranormal researchers to go back to their lab?

All of these are very clear and will definitely spook you. They also have a section I will report on later including visitor submitted EVP and training classes!

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