Thursday, September 29, 2005

the Last SPIRICOM Recording

SPIRICOM recording at the Ghost Investigators Society

If you like EVP, you have to hear George Meek and his work with the SPIRICOM. I wouldn't really call it Electronic Voice Phenomenon, but more like the Cell Phone to the Dead! I love the SPIRICOM project and have not heard this yet. Let's listen....

Mr. Meek starts out with a basic history of EVP and how the ideas for the SPIRICOM came about. I'm not going to ruin it and give you a blow by blow. If you want to know more, you will have to listen for yourself! But this is a good introduction to EVP, it's history and the theories of Meek, Raudive, Mueller, Jurgenson, and the other EVP pioneers.

The first thing that comes to mind while listening to some of the first recordings from the spiricom device, is how those pioneers tried their best to be scientific about their work. These were smart guys with some hi-tech gear for their time and they did a pretty good job of documenting things when they had success contacting deceased colleagues!

It's really fun to listen to them talking just like scientists in a lab or technicians in the field would be when working on a new communication device. You know "try this, adjust to ... frequency", "ok, try it now" "so how old are you? Are you married", things like that. LOL! You might think they were working on some new radio for the government, then you realize the one guy is DEAD!

They rag on each other about being late or long periods of no contact as well as the earliness of the hour; they tell jokes and rib one another too. They chat about the news and things around the lab. If you didn't know better you really would swear this was just a bunch of guys at work testing a new com system.

But this is no ordinary com system. We know Dr. Mueller died. Lot's of people were at his funeral and this research didn't begin immediately upon his death which might indicate scam. These guys were serious about their work, not out to make a buck. I don't find any reason not to take their recordings as authentic and this recording is quite entertaining and informative.

Listen to side one for yourself. I'll be back with my thoughts on side two, but for now it's bed time.

One problem with this recording is George Meek could have enjoyed a great carreer as a high school science movie host. You remember those guys, the ones that put you to sleep instantly when the teacher turned out the lights! So, couple that with the late hour and I'm ready for bed.


Anonymous said...

I once discovered EVP myself purely by chance. This is a REAL and GENUINE phenomena. I hope people will keep researching this field, as it's in all our own interests to know what becomes of us after mortal death...MJR, Lancashire, England.

Anonymous said...

I never believe in evp either. Until one night I was video taping my child and When I replayed the movie I heard something strange in the background. And when I slowed it down on my movie maker and replayed it you could hear a mans voice in the background, and no one else was home. It couldn't be anyone else I have no other explaination. The man was saying (something) ******* maddness. If anyone would like to study my video that could help me out and tell me what they think I would love the help... please contact me at you so much,

Luide said...

We have advance studies on this area if anybody wants to know more, please contact me.

Anonymous said...

Looking for information on any Foundation, Group or person continuing the spiricom experiment.


Anonymous said...

Looking for information on any Foundation, Group or person continuing the spiricom experiment.



Texas Blogger - Paranormal said...

I heard and read that its not a good idea to do evp sessions in your own home. They say it opens up a window to the paranormal that may have not been there. I think its interesting for those who do evp sessions at actual haunted locations. I know a friend of mine did one at my old university and recorded footsteps when no one was there.

Anonymous said...

I was always the curious skeptic until I found some voices on my own. I have a few recordings of what I consider intelligent responses. I would love to know what other people think of my audio. If you are interested, I'll put a link below.