Thursday, February 03, 2005

MegaStar - Liberace ghost haunts club

It seems the ghost of Liberace is haunting an old nightclub he used to own. Floating capes, flying bottles and womens' toilet doors that mysteriously lock and unlock themselves have all been reported at the Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens. The only thing that seems to be missing is his trademark candelabra floating across the dance floor!

MegaStar - Liberace ghost haunts club

While I really want to say publicly that Phil Kemp, the author of this article is a complete moron who obviously knows nothing about the history of music beyond his own limited experience in the last 10 years or so and has absolutely no business writing for any music website that does not exclusively cover shallow teen market hip hop or rap, I can't say that or it would just be mean and I would lower myself to his level. If you can disregard his mean spirited, homophobic, high schoolish remarks about one of music's greatest legends, then you might just find this story as funny as I did.

While Kemp says "Liber-who" and claims in his SAT question type style that while Elvis was "to screaming middle-aged women in his burger-guzzling rhinestone fat-suit 70s phase, Liberace was, well, just screaming", he obviously knows nothing of the rich history of music's most flambouyant showman who helped make Vegas the entertainment capital it is now.

I think haunting people who insult his sexual orientation with floating capes and flying bottles sounds just like something Liberace would do.

Liberace was famous for his larger than life theatrics and his colorful costumes, lavish sets and amazingly extravagant shows, not to mention his trademark candelabra, which made him as big a hit in Vegas as Elvis ever was. The Britney Spears to millions in an age where his sexuality made him an easy target for ridicule and boycott, America still embraced this obviously gay and lispy sounding piano player and allowed him into their hearts and their TV's for almost two decades.

But an employee of the club, a Kelly Stanley, "believes she's annoyed the camp chap's spirit by making quips about his sexual orientation." and now he locks her in the toilet!

Here's hoping he doesn't remember that old sound activated, color changing, 30' high water fountain curtain he used to have on his Vegas stage or she might just get the toilet show of a lifetime next time she makes a remark!

And Kelly, you might want to watch out for flying pink cadilacs in the parking lot too!

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