Wednesday, January 19, 2005

EVP recorded by TV crew in Texas

This just in from our friend Richard Smith over in Texas. Looks like he had some press over for the afternoon and they came away with some excellent EVP!

Television reporter and crew witness actual communication with ghosts !

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) January 17, 2005 -- TV station KSAT 12, with veteran news reporter Angela Vierville, visited with Richard Smith, at the Paranormal Investigations of Texas ( office in Santa Fe, Texas, January 11, 2005, for a LIVE 3 HOUR EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)SESSION.

The entire episode, including digital recording, computer analysis and audio processing, was filmed by a KSAT Television news crew. In addition, Powell Productions of Santa Fe, was also on hand to film footage for current Paranormal Investigations of Texas documentary film projects.

The technique of recorded ghost voices has recently been brought to public prominence due to the release of the new Hollywood Blockbuster movie "White Noise" starring Michael Keaton.

During the seven minute recording session, ghosts voices were recorded which called them by name, and responded to questions asked.

One highly specific message was received by Angela Vierville...a female ghost voice replied to Angela's request to speak her name by saying " us your song, Angela". To the amazement of all, Angela then revealed that she was, on that very day, missing a rehearsal for a local event in which she would indeed be singing a solo!

Another clear message was recorded to Richard Smith......"Richard Smith...your friends behold me!". This after Richard has asked for any spirits to assist in demonstrating the existance of the spirit world.

Richard Smith is author of the book "Everyplace I Go Is Haunted, webmaster, member of AAEVP, and long time investigator and researcher of the electronics voice communication phenomenon.

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